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Re: Theos-World Dugpas and Aghoris

Dec 16, 2009 02:23 AM
by Augoeides-222

Well, one thing occurred to me is a cremation ground holds the ashes of the cremated and there is no flesh to eat that remains from the cremation it would seem to me. Can you post the URL for the Aghoris and/or the Wiki link? I am not much into "the Devil made Me Do IT " thing myself. I do recall having read a at length narrative some time back of a Major Tantric Goddess that is usually encountered by an aspirant when they reach a certain attainment at charnal grounds as a step in certain initiations but cannot remember enough to source it right now. You know the mahatma's told that the game set of the White Brotherhood Hierarchy is in eternal force counter-force for the entirety on the Manvantaric projection and they made the point that the game set is formulated so that the force-counter force between the two polarizations is ideally supposed to maintain a close equality of force so that the universe can continue to have stability in maintenance on the level of dynamics while on a lesser level of our participation it seems the similar effect cycles across human experiential reality. Christians can become obsessed with worry over demons and devils which also predicated the inquisition among other things, if anything my view is Theosophist should at least be sophisticated enough to detach themselves from this juvenile prederilection which is so very Catholic lol. 

Oh BTW, to change the topic inthe Ukraine they have a "Got Talent" Competition and the most amazing ,wonderful young women won the $70,000 USD 1st Place by performing a transedental transformative modern form of "Sand Painting" as an art form in a new moment of time. All the members of this Forums hear5ts and mimnds will be uplifted when they see her performance and the esquisite art she creates as if Solve et Coagula was the guiding principle of her mind. 

Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Paintings 


You will love this enormous experience. 


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Dugpas and Aghoris 

Tonight I saw a documentary on Aghoris, a secret Hindu Sect which 
practice tantric rites as well as eat human flesh from cremation 
grounds and use mind altering drugs. It appears they are distributed 
in North India and SE Asia and are found around cremation grounds. In 
the documentary, they were able find them only late in the nigh and 
you do not see them during the day. There is also a writeup in Wiki. 

The founder of the sect is entombed in Varanasi, the holiest Hindu 
City in India and most seem to live there. Due to the kind of 
practices as well as the extreme secrecy surrounding them, one wonders 
if there is an interaction between them and Dupas or even some Dupas 
go about as Aghoris. 


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