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Dugpas and Aghoris

Dec 15, 2009 09:43 PM
by MKR

Dugpas and Aghoris

Tonight I saw a documentary on Aghoris, a secret Hindu Sect which
practice tantric rites as well as eat human flesh from cremation
grounds and use mind altering drugs. It appears they are distributed
in North India and SE Asia and are found around cremation grounds. In
the documentary, they were able find them only late in the nigh and
you do not see them during the day. There is also a writeup in Wiki.

The founder of the sect is entombed in Varanasi, the holiest Hindu
City in India and most seem to live there. Due to the kind of
practices as well as the extreme secrecy surrounding them, one wonders
if there is an interaction between them and Dupas or even some Dupas
go about as Aghoris.



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