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Re: Cyclic Model vs. Big Bang

Dec 15, 2009 02:06 PM
by Leon Maurer

On "rybo6" os_jbug wrote:
> On Jan 12, 2009, at 6:37 PM, Leon Maurer wrote:
>>> The geodesics are 3D flatten tetrahedral tubulars with an
>>> associated  central axis.  imho
>> LM:  So, where does consciousness come from in that derivative view
>> of the surface geometry of a sphere?
> Leon, first of all the physical and metaphysical aspects of
> consciousness exist in degrees.
> Obivously the geometry I laid out is a static view.
> Consiouness is resulatant of dynamic interrelationships in mass, via
> the,  no less than,  interfering set of 8, 5-fold, left or right skew
> Icosahedra, thereby defining internal and nucleated 4-fold polyhedra.

How does that explain awareness, will, qualia?

How does subjective consciousness arise from objective mass?

Dynamic objective spatial geometry can't explain non spatial, non  
massive, non energetic, entirely static subjective awareness,  
perception (qualia), intention (will), or discernment,  
discrimination, decision (thought), etc.

Nor can any geometry explain the storage or transmission of the  
information of consciousness, or the actual mechanism, and operation  
of the mind and its binding to the brain.  That is, unless the  
geometry is that of electrodynamic, coenergetic (harmonically  
resonant) radiant fields.

Therefore, the experience of consciousness must depend solely on wave  
patterned information transformed and transmitted by electrodynamic  
phase conjugate adaptive resonance processes indirectly or directly  
from the senses, brain-mind or memory fields.  This depends on  
physiology and electro chemistry, and requires subjectivity (or proto- 
consciousness) to be a fundamental quality of the ubiquitous ground  
of absolute space. ? that underlies all metric physical and  
hyperphysical spacetime fields. How else could consciousness, unless  
it was the stationary aspect of the singularity source of all radiant  
fields, be capable of discriminating between the subtlest vibratory  
modulations of visual or sound images?

How the consciousness (awareness) detects, holograohically  
reconstructs and experiences the sensory and memory information is  
explained at:
>>  None of that even gives us the faintest idea of the actual origin
>> and genesis of the physical space-time continuum.
> Why do yo believe there is an orign to a "space-time continuum"?  I
> see no evidence of such and in fact it is commonly understood the
> energy( Physical 0 cannot be created nor destroyed ergo eternally
> existent with no "origin".

The spacetime continuum originates from the spin momentum of the  
"singularity" of Aether Space (the first physical derivative of  
absolute unconditioned space). This singularity is an eternal "laya  
point" of this cosmos (among infinite other universes) that  
periodically manifests into overall metaphysical and physical  
spacetime.  Thus, the potential energy (G-force of the singularity)  
?  when emanated, radiated and transformed through the fractal  
involutions of hyperspace, until the lowest frequency/energy order  
physical/material world appears ? can neither be created nor  
destroyed.  There is no "belief" involved ? since the fundamental  
geometry and its cyclic spin based electrodynamics speaks for itself.

As far as the physical world is concerned, it has its origin in the  
astral world, when a sudden frequency phase change occurs at the Big  
Bang... And astral light (at c^2) changes to physical light at (at  
"c") and the particle-substance equation changes from E=mc^4 to E-mc^2.

This is very simple if you think about it, and explains all the laws  
of physics that come into effect when the symmetry breaks, and the  
quantum particle standing waves precipitate out on the surface of the  
physical/material gravitational field, along with all the galaxies,  
star systems spewing out of their black/white holes.  Einstein knew  
all this, but unfortunately he could never prove it, during his  
lifetime, using the limited renormalized algebraic mathematics of  
relativity and quantum physics prevalent at that time.
>>  Interesting structural geometries, to be sure... But a waste of
>> time for finding any correlation with cosmogenesis or
>> consciousness, imho.  To think so, is to live in a dream world
>> where nothing that occurs need an explanation which makes logical
>> sense.
> "life is  but a dream" is famous phrase, that has some basis, when
> logic is applied.
> Fuller was fond of his comment "there are no solids" and "what we
> have, is interfering and non-interfering patterns operating in pure
> principle".
> There is an old book called  "there are no electrons" and as you know
> the electron is viewed as a fuzzy cloud of probability not certainty.

Milo Wolff <> has recently  
proven that electrons are spherical standing waves of the aether, or  
total physical/electro-gravitational spacetime.
> Jacaob bekenstiens holographic black hole studies led him to make the
> statement "we appear to be 2D creatures having and illusion of 3D"
> this correlates to time as a fading memory of a non-existent past and
> time as anticipation of a non-exist future, leaving only a non-
> existent time of 2D here and now present.

I think that this is a completely erroneous interpretation.   Time is  
nothing more than a measure of change and is linked to the frequency   
phase order and corresponding velocity of the fractal descending  
fields of hyperspace.  That is why time slows down and stops as mass  
approaches infinity at the speed of light.  The frequency phase  
change at that point is like a fish bumping into a wall of ice.

Hawkings' studies of the black hole has shown why light stops at the  
event barrier quite some distance from its central singularity.   
What's in between is the three further phase changes that the light  
energy needs to arrive at the near infinite mass center of spin  
momentum at the singularity.   Since this point is almost at absolute  
zero°K, there can be no further linear motion, and the Aether space  
there is a BEC ? where it acts as if it were a single particle in  
coadunation with all other zero-point "singularities" in the entire  
physical universe.  This is how everything is interconnected with  
everything else and conforms with the holographic principle.  It is  
also the explanation of the EPR effect as well as quantum  
entanglement.  All of this being completely counter intuitive.  So  
it's no wonder you and even many physicists still misinterpret the  
apparently physical/material world ? where all structural  
information, based on previous cycles of cosmic evolution is  
contained in every zero-point singularity... Thus, the the past,  
present and future is contained in the ever present NOW.
>> The basis of actual radiant field spatial reality is a fractal
>> involved hyperspherical (toroidal) geometry,
> Is that a finite or infinite fractal.

Infinite in absolute space and overall hyperspacetime, but more or  
less finite in the lowest order physical spacetime... Although we  
could imagine such total spacetime as an infinite set of an even  
higher order infinity ? as explained by Cantor's infinite set  
> Fuller believes the physical universe is micro-infinitely sub-
> dividing ergo that would correlate to an infinite fractal.

He was right ? since he considered that all the fractal fields  
between the zero-point in Planck space, up through quantum to  
classical space time, is infinite.  It fits with the ancient Neo  
Platonic idea that the universe has its center everywhere and its  
circumference nowhere.  It also conforms with the fact that here are  
an infinite number of zero-points of absolute space in every part of  
configuration space, and that every singularity manifests its own  
infinite series of harmonic fields that extend throughout metric  
space, and overlap each other... This. being the basis of a  
holographic universe ? where all its information is contained in  
every zero-point spin momentum of each ZPE field, ad infinitum.
> I see toroids of gravitational *spacetime* as Great Circle-like
> Polygonal Geodesic Tublars, but very flat tubulars.
> Ultra-micro   ?ergo hyper-dimensional space?, string-like but still
> 3D ribbons.

Maybe like this one? 
BuddhaBabyGordianKnot.jpg (This represents the initial non linear  
motion of the singularity.)   Note that the edges of the ribbon would  
be moving in opposite directions.  (Couldn't this more or less be the  
model of the twin spiral DNA molecular structure"?)

Or, perhaps this cross section of the harmonic hyperspherical  
toroidal fields of cosmogenesis (that are analogous to the radiant  
heart fields you once showed us) might be closer to your vision.  If  
so, note that each line represents only one parallel edge of the  
spiraling toroidal ribbon that weaves all the fractal involved  
hyperspherical fields.

Also, this implies that there is only one force -- with gravitation  
being its compressive aspect spiraling inward, and electromagnetics  
being its expansive aspect spiraling outward... Thus explaining the  
coriolis forces that generates tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and  
water spiraling down a drain.
>> originating from the spin momentum of the conscious zero-point of
>> absolute space ? that has no inherent geometry except the abstract
>> motion of infinite cyclic spins...
> I equate your absolute space with metaphysical space macro existent
> metaphysical space, beyond the finite set of our ribbon universe and
> micro-infinite metaphysical space, between the ribbons that define
> our universe.

Uhh... That could be it... But, we can only know if you can draw a  
picture of it. However, I don't think absolute space could be  
pictured ?since it has no radial dimensions, and is entirely outside  
of all space and time.  So, having no linear dimensions or other  
attributes, it's completely ineffable, and can't be macro (or micro)  
metaphysical.  The only thing that could be between the ribbons that  
define our space (as I defined them above) is the aether space  
located everywhere (like a BEC).  And even that cannot be pictured  
except as infinite zero-point singularity's, each of infinitesimal  
diameter located everywhere in total space, and acting together as if  
one thing in itself... Thus, explaining action at a distance and  
>> All of which are located in the same place ? and together,
>> containing infinite holographic information of previous existences
>> of many worlds (galaxies, star systems, organic life forms, etc.)
>> eventually spread out everywhere in metric physical/material
>> spacetime ?
> No two things cann occupy the same place.  Even tho it is claimed
> that photons love to occupy the same place.

Since absolute space and aether space are at 0°K (or infinitesimally  
close to it) they act as BEC's and therefore, they are not separate  
"things"... Thus, their spin momentums or spin singularities can  
occupy the same place (or ONE space).  Thus, the information of the  
entire cosmos (as well as its inherent consciousness) can be  
contained (like a hologram) in every zero-point of Aether space after  
it spreads out everywhere at the big-bang.  This is just about as  
counter intuitive as the theory of relativity is from the standpoint  
of a classical or quantum physicist ? who sees all particles or  
material forms as being separate points or independent structures.   
Can they imagine mass shrinking to zero length at the speed of  
light?  Or that time also stops?  The barrier is that physical  
instruments are observing and measuring physical phenomena, and can't  
see beyond the limits of the lowest order physical/material frequency  
phase order they are both a part of.  That's why all this is counter  
intuitive to all reductive physicalists.
>> all within a surrounding and interpenetrating hyperspacetime (and
>> fractal involving down to the smallest ZPE fields in the false
>> vacuum).  See how this fundamental pre cosmic spin might look ? if
>> you can twist your imagination down into the Aether level (where
>> the localized G-force spinergy manifests as ZPE at less than 1.6 x
>> 10^-35 cm and near infinite mass):
> there is no such thing as a true Zero point energy.
> Energy is inerently non-zero ergo active physical reality can never
> ever be at zero.
> This is why energy cannot be created nor destroyed Leon.
> I think you have not thought this through enough.

Then explain where the energy that generates and empowers all  
fundamental particles and the Planck space fields comes from?

Naturally, if we think in terms of point particles, we can't  
comprehend the true nature of overall reality ? which has to  
originate from a source of infinite potential energy or G-force.   
That could only be the unlimited spin momentum of absolute zero (no  
linear particulate motion) space.  This is a logical necessity.  No- 
thing comes from nothing.  Thus, the spin momentum of the  
singularity, at the source of all active energy, cannot be zero (in  
mass-energy potential) but can be zero in linear dimension at the  
infinitely small pre-cosmic absolute space level where consciousness  
resides.  This is beyond all metric space and time, and cannot be  
explained in its terms.

The exact center of a particle;s spherical standing wave (like a  
photon) must be a non metric zero-point of absolute space (underlying  
the next highest order astral, mental and spiritual space)  See cross  
section diagram of a photon viewed head on: 
ABCimages/PhotonField.gif  This zero-point (at its exact spherical  
standing wave center) is pure consciousness.

But, if we see the "singularity" or manifest aether space (that began  
the metric physical space after fractally involving through  
spiritual, mental and astral space) as being finite in diameter ?  
then you are correct... It's first derivative in physical/material  
space is the photon ? which has a finite diameter (as does its three  
inner harmonics representing the spiritual mental and astral photons)

Sp there cannot be a true zero-point (of energy or linear motion of  
the aether) in physical spacetime...

But that physical space is not the timeless and formless absolute  
space that underlies its birth (along with all its precursor higher  
order hyperspace fields) ? which is located at the exact center of  
the spin momentum singularity in every black hole, galaxy, star,  
particle, material form, etc., etc.

Therefore, the source of that total cosmic energy must be in the  
infinite spin momentum of the zero-point of absolute space itself ?  
which is outside of all metric space and time ? from the highest  
order cosmic spiritual fields on down to the Planck false vacuum  
fields (chaos according to quantum physics)

I think that's thinking through it enough... So a true infinite ZPE  
has to exist in absolute pre cosmic reality.  This is the only way  
that Mass Energy cannot be created or destroyed (at any level of  
cosmic hyperspacetime or meta physical and physical spacetime).

>>> Free-will is an illusion.
>> LM: How can it be, when it is a function of the absolute space that
>> is at the center of every hyperspace and metric spacetime field ?
>> and everyone can make choices of action based solely on their
>> conscious intention?  No matter that such actions are dependent on
>> the laws of  nature. For example, one cannot will themselves to
>> rise against the force of gravity, or see through a brick wall.
> "choices" are superficially appearing resultants of oscillations of
> ultra-micro *spacetime* in our macro-physical bodies.
> Those superficial "choices" are constrained by physical limits of
> reality.
> Metaphysical cosmic laws do not govern or constrain any physical
> thing, they are just the metaphysical complement to physical.
> Only the physical  ?or quais-physical gravity? can contain any
> physical thing.

Sure... But your argument about choice ? which is the prerogative of  
conscious will alone (that is a fundamental quality of unconditioned  
absolute space) ? is entirely specious...

What makes you think that "oscillations of ultra-micro  
spacetime" (whatever you think that is) is the cause of  
consciousness?  And, if *choice* is the apparent result of such  
oscillations ? what causes the modulations of the oscillations that  
causes the different choices or responses to the awareness?  e.g.;  
How does my choice to look in a certain direction (or not) depend on  
"the physical limits of reality"? Spacetime doesn't make choices,  
only conscious beings with evolved minds can.

IOW, explain how objective motion (oscillation) can be the cause of  
subjective awareness, will or intent (choice)?  If you can answer  
that ? you will have solved the "hard problem" and deserve a Nobel  
prize. ;-)
>> What's free is the intention to act or not act (when permitted by
>> natural laws).  And, at the primal beginning, why wouldn't the
>> cosmic consciousness be totally in control of its will to observe
>> the great show opening around it?
> I see no evidence of  "cosmic consciousness".  A cosmic integrity,  
> yes.

And, of course the fact that you see no evidence of "cosmic  
consciousness" is sufficient proof to deny its existence.  Right?

Can you "see" the evidence that that mass compresses to zero  
dimension at the speed of light?  So, does the fact that you cannot  
see any evidence of it prove it cannot exist?

Can you show evidence that anyone else has conscious experience the  
same as you do?  IOW, do they see the color red the same as you do?

Besides, how can there be "integrity" without consciousness?  (Unless  
you mean by integrity that the cosmos is an inseparable entity in  
itself.)  To me, "integrity" is a moral/ethical word closely related  
to consciousness.

Could there even be a cosmos, if there was not a cosmic consciousness  
to perceive it, if not create it?

>> ... While knowing full well that its laws were immutable,
> Inviolate ergo eternally existent cosmic law.

Yes... Just like eternally existent cosmic consciousness... And, just  
like eternally existent cosmic force.  As the potential sources of  
all phenomenal individual consciousness and particulate matter-energy  
fields and forms.

Can you imaging subjectivity without objectivity, an object without a  
subject, an observation without an observer, motion without  
stillness, light without darkness, fullness without emptiness.  
something without nothing?

How can these dualities not be fundamental ? when the immutable  
cosmic law is based on a pure zero-point cyclic spin that must be a  
continuous spiral vortex triple loop on at least three axes?  That,  
when expanded, can only produce (on each axis) a 2D circle with two  
inherent inner circles, and then (due to lateral spin) a 3-D sphere  
with two inner spheres.... Which ultimately expands and involves into  
an infinite diameter hyperspherical (toroidal) field ? whose inner  
spheres (following the same cyclic laws) continue to fractally  
involve, ad infinitum, as analogous inner hyperspheres... Until,  
eventually, they return back to the original spin at infinite mass...  
This structure is repeated analogously at every zero-point throughout  
the entire expanded cosmos.  Thus, the universe is composed of  
infinite spheres, within spheres within spheres, in octaval and  
duodecimal series on each hyperspace level ? ad infinitum ? both  
expansively and compressively.

For a symbolical representation of how there fields analogously  
involve and evolve into our physical universe (macrocosm) and  
ultimately into the ideal human form (microcosm) ? study the  
illustrations at:

The causative  logic, based on pure reason, coupled with the  
holographic principle, and governed by the immutable laws of cycles  
and periodicity, conservation, and symmetry ? from absolute to  
relative, infinite to finite, consciousness or spirit through mind to  
matter or mass/energy ? is unassailable.

>>> Ultra-micro gravitational spacetime is celluar ergo we have cells of
>>> macro-biologicals.
>> LM: Only because you are talking about the fourth lowest frequency
>> phase order physical spacetime, where every particle standing wave
>> starts out from a particular spin momentum ZPE source.
> There is no ZPE.  Energy is never ever zero activity.

That's because the energy you are speaking of occurs on a particular  
manifest level of metaphysical or physical spacetime.

The absolute infinite spin momentum (ZPEa) underlying the spin  
momentum (ZPEc) of the cosmic singularity?which, in turn, underlies  
the spin momentum (ZPEp) of the physical/metaphysical universe  
singularity ? are of different orders of frequency-energy  
altogether.  And simply constitute a nested series of mass/energy  
> You have not thought this through enough Leon.

All ZPE singularities in metric spacetime have a metric diameter, as  
I have fully explained above as well as in my article at http://

If you would think all that through, you might begin to understand  
the true reality that underlies the illusionary world of your senses.
>> Right now its all still a mathematical game, in which no one holds
>> the key to the mystery.
> Metaphysical mathematics is just that Leon, illusionary dream we
> observe and label as consciousness.

You are mixing categories.  The "metaphysical mathematics" (the  
fractal topological geometry) has nothing to do with consciousness.  
Consciousness is a separate aspect of the underlying absolute space.   
The mathematical game I was talking about is the materialist  
mathematics of the various physics theories now (including string  
theory) that still can't see the forest for the trees, and do not  
realize consciousness is the observer/creator of everything, and is  
entirely separate from the creations.  Once they realize that, all  
their physical mathematics will have to change into a metaphysical  
mathematics -- which still won't have any relationship to  
consciousness -- except as observer-observation.

The "illusionary dreams" are in the minds of the quantum  
mathematicians who still believe in point particles and that physical  
spacetime, and all its ponderable material forms, is all there is.   
That's why, they will never understand the cause, nature or  
mechanisms of consciousness, and why the "hard problems" will remain  
forever unsolved by their mathematics or their observations.
>> But, I'm certain that once they all realize the fundamental nature
>> of the ubiquitous absolute space and its inherent infinite cyclic
>> angular momentum, along with its built in holographic fractal
>> nature ? they will come to a mutual agreement about how this
>> entire cosmos periodically comes in and out of existence ? with
>> each birth of the lowest order physical universe (as it comes out
>> of the womb of hyperspace) appearing as the result of a "big
>> bang." ;-))
> BIg Bang is ok, but they are not out of nothing or ZPE.

"Big Bang" refers only to appearance of the physical spacetime  
universe as it expands out of metaphysical spacetime.  However, the  
ZPE or G-force of the original cosmic source (along with proto- 
consciousness) comes along with it in every zero-point (in the Planck  
false vacuum) that generates its ZPE fields that create the virtual  
particle fields ? which, in turn, empower all the fundamental quantum  
particles... That are nothing more than hyperspherical standing waves  
of aether space at various frequency/mass/energy densities... With  
all of their accompanying harmonic fields being analogous to the  
initial hyperspherical fractal involves fields of cosmogenesis.

Note how the inner fields of the photon are identical to the fields  
of cosmogenesis, as well as those of human genesis.  This holographic  
analogy goes all the way down to the DNA replicated in every cell of  
every sentient being... Modified only by the random choices of action  
by individualized consciousness at each level of "Physical" Nature...  
Thus, accounting for the physical and psychic differences in every  
species of living beings, the different responses of nature to  
collective human actions, the cultural differences throughout the  
civilized world, etc.

We can say then that all change, at any level of metaphysical or  
physical nature, is initiated by consciousness and influenced by  
thought and choice, in one degree or another.

Best wishes
Leon Maurer

BTW, When I had my NDE and left the body, I could still see, hear and  
think, without eyes, ears or brain, and visual time slowed down to a  
crawl, while I experienced my entire lifetime pass in review in a few  
seconds.  That started me thinking, over 45 years ago, until I found  
out why.
> Rybo

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