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Re: National President visiting Lodges

Nov 08, 2009 04:14 AM
by Spirituality

This is a good point. Olcott certainly traveled to the most obscure places when he was president. I don't doubt Besant did likewise, both before she became president and after. 

Locally - I'm happy to say our new (dutch) chair lady is visiting local lodges, even while she's editor in chief of our magazine and has a full time job 'on the side'. I don't see where she gets her energy, but I do think it's amazing. And yes, it is likely to help in two ways: stimulate the local lodge and help her keep in touch what's cooking among members. Of course the Netherlands is a small country, so it's doable to visit a lot of lodges and still do a lot of other things. But on the other hand - with the Internet communication is so much easier, even on the road, that it should be possible for a president that travels a lot to keep in touch with what's going on at HQ. 


--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> The developments in the nomination and election of International President
> and subsequent events has brought into focus several things which never
> caught attention of the membership in various sections. Membership growth is
> one key objective measure to gauge the growth of the Section.
> Over the last several decades, the membership in the Indian Section was
> steadily growing while at the same time, in the Sections outside India,
> membership is either stagnant or declining. So this indicates that the
> Indian Section is doing something right which has resulted in the growth.
> The issue of membership growth and retention outside India is a hot potato
> which no one wants to talk about it. It does not make the leaders and
> sections look good. It is a pity that even in the General Council meeting,
> there is no evidence that this issue was discussed at all.
> A classic example that the world has seen in terms of the involvement of the
> chief executive in the matters of the branches is set by Sam Walton of the
> Walmart (largest employer in the US!!!) fame.
> When he was alive, he made it a point to personally visit every store at
> least once a year and see for himself what is going on. This is in spite of
> the fact that Walmart has most computing power and communication capability
> next only to the Pentagon.
> It is reported that TS in America once had as many as 8,000 members and for
> several years it is hovering around half that number.
> In the last three decades I have resided in San Antonio, rarely we have seen
> the National Presidents visit the local lodge. I think this pattern is
> repeated around the country. No wonder the membership numbers are stagnant
> and turnover high.
> Human nature has not changed for ages. That is why in person contact works.
> Even the President of the US who has at his command all the latest gadgets
> to get in touch with the citizens, routinely travels around the country and
> keep in touch with the citizens.
> The article about A P Warringtonâ??s travels show how useful it was for him to
> travel around the country.
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