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National President visiting Lodges

Nov 06, 2009 07:47 PM
by MKR

The developments in the nomination and election of International President
and subsequent events has brought into focus several things which never
caught attention of the membership in various sections. Membership growth is
one key objective measure to gauge the growth of the Section.

Over the last several decades, the membership in the Indian Section was
steadily growing while at the same time, in the Sections outside India,
membership is either stagnant or declining. So this indicates that the
Indian Section is doing something right which has resulted in the growth.

The issue of membership growth and retention outside India is a hot potato
which no one wants to talk about it. It does not make the leaders and
sections look good. It is a pity that even in the General Council meeting,
there is no evidence that this issue was discussed at all.

A classic example that the world has seen in terms of the involvement of the
chief executive in the matters of the branches is set by Sam Walton of the
Walmart (largest employer in the US!!!) fame.

When he was alive, he made it a point to personally visit every store at
least once a year and see for himself what is going on. This is in spite of
the fact that Walmart has most computing power and communication capability
next only to the Pentagon.

It is reported that TS in America once had as many as 8,000 members and for
several years it is hovering around half that number.

In the last three decades I have resided in San Antonio, rarely we have seen
the National Presidents visit the local lodge. I think this pattern is
repeated around the country. No wonder the membership numbers are stagnant
and turnover high.

Human nature has not changed for ages. That is why in person contact works.
Even the President of the US who has at his command all the latest gadgets
to get in touch with the citizens, routinely travels around the country and
keep in touch with the citizens.

The article about A P Warringtonâs travels show how useful it was for him to
travel around the country.


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