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Re: Dirty Tricks?

Jun 27, 2009 04:17 AM
by robertapimenta26

Dirty Trick?  Dirty is too good a word for this trick!! Wished I had more time to write now, but I could see that the thread has been taken from that (TSA) site already. Just as with the 'leaking' of the draft proposal last year, this is a mean and deliberate attempt to discredit certain people. It won't work this time!
Must go.

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> In the theosophical.ning, a purported "ES" document was posted by one Mary
> Underwood ( which is likely to be a pseudonym, until it is proven otherwise)
> and there was a response to it, which is self-explanatory? One wonders if
> some "dirty tricks" department is working to bring down whom? You decide for
> yourself.
> .
> First we had allegations of sickness of Radha Burnier, now we have this
> attempt. What next? Those who have the best interests of TS and theosophy in
> their hearts should be very vigilant in this age of Kali Yuga!
> .
> .
> ===xxx===
>  Mary,
> This only shows either your dishonesty or that of the one that gave you the
> information. The text HAS BEEN ADULTERED because, among other things, Radha
> Burnier never mentions the TS in her letter. Somebody purposefully added
> that part to generate confusion.
> One requisite to be an ES member is to have confidence in the ES head in
> his/her function as ES head. This is clearly stated in papers since HPB's
> times. The current ES head is doing what she has the right (and probably the
> duty) to do.
> But everybody can see through your action how members are manipulated by
> people who misinform and twist the truth for personal reasons.
> There are many examples of things like this happening in the past; and then,
> people say this is the ES fault. In most cases the problems have been
> produced by TS members who were not even up to the TS ideals.
> Thank you for providing such a clear example.
> ===xxx==
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