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Dirty Tricks?

Jun 26, 2009 05:08 PM
by MKR

In the theosophical.ning, a purported "ES" document was posted by one Mary
Underwood ( which is likely to be a pseudonym, until it is proven otherwise)
and there was a response to it, which is self-explanatory? One wonders if
some "dirty tricks" department is working to bring down whom? You decide for
First we had allegations of sickness of Radha Burnier, now we have this
attempt. What next? Those who have the best interests of TS and theosophy in
their hearts should be very vigilant in this age of Kali Yuga!

This only shows either your dishonesty or that of the one that gave you the
information. The text HAS BEEN ADULTERED because, among other things, Radha
Burnier never mentions the TS in her letter. Somebody purposefully added
that part to generate confusion.
One requisite to be an ES member is to have confidence in the ES head in
his/her function as ES head. This is clearly stated in papers since HPB's
times. The current ES head is doing what she has the right (and probably the
duty) to do.
But everybody can see through your action how members are manipulated by
people who misinform and twist the truth for personal reasons.
There are many examples of things like this happening in the past; and then,
people say this is the ES fault. In most cases the problems have been
produced by TS members who were not even up to the TS ideals.
Thank you for providing such a clear example.

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