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Re: Anand's stand and the election

Jun 26, 2009 08:33 PM
by Warwick Keys

Hello theos-talk members


Yes MKR, as you observed recently, I do have an occasional look at theos-talk - as you say "lurking around." Most TS leaders, probably like myself, do not have the time to spend running around in circles chatting, there is work to do within their Sections.


There has been a lot of talk about conspiracies, secret agendas and so on. There are "Reds under every bed it seems, waiting to be revealed by enthusiastic McArthy ites. There is no conspiracy that I am aware of. Some GC members do talk with each other. Such interactions are quite normal in any organization if it is to function properly. 


There is a growing awareness that there is a need to introduce changes to the Rules and Regulations of TS International to allow for democratic practice and governance to take place now in the twenty-first century. A number of members are talking about this and no doubt some proposals will be put before the General Council for consideration in due course.

If such proposals are allowed to follow due process (as in New Zealand) they may be accepted by the GC and then passed to Sections for consideration. This is the open and democratic thing to do. It is certainly what happens in New Zealand TS. 


I have been surprised at the continual berating of GC members, particularly aimed for some odd reason at those who challenged proceedings at Adyar, to release information on what took place. This is odd - quite strange in fact. Why are such questions about releasing information not directed to Adyar and the top executive. It is not the role of ordinary GC members to issue such reports normally; that is the duty of the International President or delegated official. The only two GC members who did say something following the meeting, namely Betty Bland and myself, were immediately pilloried for our efforts at telling it as we saw it. Why are you not asking Adyar?


Keith Fisher appeared as a hero for a while, but now his manipulation of the truth is catching up with him. He even called me names! I have been called worse by better! His use of the word "vicious" was odd, it was probably because he was upset that I challenged his attempted manipulations during the GC meeting and his doctored minutes produced after the meeting. It is sad, but the truth will eventually out. He could not give me clear reasons for his actions, so he did not reply to my last letter to him at all. His lengthy screeds on theos-talk were remarkable for the twist he placed on events. He would do well in a political party!


The trampling on of democratic process and manipulated meeting procedure was evident at the GC meeting. I understand accepted meeting procedure well and I was deeply disturbed at some of the things that happened, particularly the allowing of the selected "observers" to actively participate in the meeting. This is unheard of, particularly when the observers are clearly carefully selected for their "politics." (incidentally most of them are included in the list Preethi recently listed as those who have the ear of the President). Others who applied were turned down. It was a "stacked" meeting.


So, there are some thoughts for you to ponder on. I am sorry I really do not have the time to involve myself in continuing discussions as I am kept far too busy here in NZ, where I do not have enough time to spare to involve myself on our own theos-nz talk site, but I thought it was time to clear up one or two misunderstandings. 


I am suggesting members aim in the right direction for answers. It will be interesting to see if you get any answers and if you do, what spin there will be on them. 

  a.. Have you thought about a more positive and constructive approach to seeking information rather than looking for Reds under the bed and around every corner? 
  b.. Has anyone asked the International President for a report on the GC meeting? 
  c.. Has anyone bothered to read the minutes of the GC meeting and the resulting correspondence from myself and from the South African General Secretary posted on the Theosophy Forward website? 
  d.. Has anyone questioned the busy activities of certain highly placed TS members with strong links to the President on what they are up to, both at Adyar and touring through Europe trying to keep the lid on the rising unease? 
  e.. And what of the growing influence of PU and its propagandists?

Just some thoughts


Happy hunting


Warwick Keys




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