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Mahabharata being Replayed in Adyar today

Jun 25, 2009 07:29 AM
by seeker_preethi

Dear Friends,

One would never imagine that in a place where the motto is: `There is no Religion Higher than Truth", there would be a Mahabharata taking place, but the fact is that we do have a Mahabharata situation happening in the TS at the moment.

Draupadi: Adyar and the TS

Duryodhana: Mrs Uma Nilakanta (the malpractitioner)

Dusshasana: Ms Subha Nilakanta (the chief verbal rapist)

Dhritarashtra: Mrs Radha Burnier (here the blind queen)

Bhishma Pitamah: Mrs Linda Oliveira (who knows that a wrong is being committed but does nothing to stop it, going in her own complacent way)

Shakuni Mama: Mrs Helen Jamieson (chief spy of RSB, always trying to find out which way the air blows and will give you just that much information about Subha Nilakanta and family as to incite you to gossip, so she can later fill up the President's ears against you)

Dronacharya: Dr CV Agarwal, Dr A. Kannan, Mr N. Muthuswamy (have much to teach everybody, but too complacent to do anything at all when a wrong is being done. They generally remain silent)

Sanjaya: Mr Pedro Oliveira, Mr S.M. Umakant Rao and Mr Shailendra Agrawal (all of whom are at the moment the chief email receivers and thus serve as Mrs RSB's informers), but not Sanjaya in the esoteric sense of serving as conscience for the blind queen

Arjuna: Preethi Muthiah (who could see nothing but the wrong and aimed her arrow at the centre of the storm, the blind queen, Mrs RSB) and has been carrying on this war against corruption and inhumanity since 24 May 2009

Mr Harihara Raghavan, one of the many brothers of Duryodhana and Dusshasana who is under the impression that he is important and does not see that he is being manipulated and controlled by RSB. He uses threats with Preethi in order to be loyal to RSB, but forgets that he has chosen the losing side, the wrong side, for in being loyal to temporal unrealities like RSB he has forgotten that he is being disloyal to the Truth and such other eternal verities.

What happens Now in the TS, especially Adyar is that Mrs RSB has surrounded herself with her worst enemies ? people who are either incapable of speaking the truth, correcting her or, on the other hand, who might have the courage to do so but for the fact that they are unwilling to pay the penalty for their honesty. So the next time, Mrs RSB commits a blunder, there will be no one to point out the wrong and injustice to her. What happens to such an RSB? Isn't she doomed rightly as Karma takes over and settles some old scores? The TS of RSB and Adyar of RSB are sinking. This ship is all set to sink, because everyone with the wisdom to see has been shifted out of Adyar today. And what of all those who kept quiet or chose to take the wrong side (RSB's side)? They have to pay their own penalties, too. As we know from reading the Mahabharata and especially the Bhagavadgita, the Lords of Karma spare no one the justice they deserve. The First Chapter in the Bhagavadgita in fact tells us about the Yoga of the Attachment to Inaction, the same inaction which members worldwide and General Secretaries and Federation Secretaries have been engaged in for the past one month now since 24 May 2009.

So contrary to Mrs Burnier's words to my mother, Mrs Radha Muthiah, on 25 May 2009, it is not Preethi who is going to face the repercussions for her Action, but RSB who is going to face the repercussions for her many injustices, incidents of torture, endorsements of corruption and psychosocial rape, involvements in power politics and blackmail, manipulation and slander-mongering.

All the Best, Mrs Radha Burnier and co.


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