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Theos-World Re: The Esoteric School Lobby

Jun 20, 2009 12:57 PM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Anand,

Sri Ram was President from 1953 till 1973 and was succeeded by John Coats who died, if I am correct, during the time of 1977 Convention. It was during his presidency that I.K. Taimni was OH of the ES.

Best regards,

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> > Dear Anand,
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> > >Somebody told me that I.K. Taimni was the Outer Head of ES. He was "made to leave" that post.<
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> > Most probably this was not the case. I. K. Taimni passed away on May 7th 1978 after he stayed for several months at home of his daughter at Lucknow. Therefore he most probably handed over the office of OH to somebody else already in 1977. I don't know to whom but it can be that Mrs. Radha Burnier became OH of the ES even before she ran for the office of the President of the TS.
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> > Best regards,
> > Anton
> Before 1978 N. Sri Ram (the father of Mrs. Radha Burnier) was the President of TS. It is possible that the controversy I heard happened before Mrs. Radha became the President of TS i.e. during the Presidency of her father N. Sri Ram.

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