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Re: Theos-World Re: The Esoteric School Lobby

Jun 19, 2009 03:24 PM
by MKR

In pre-Internet days, all organizations had the monopoly over control the
channel of information flow to their members or followers and most leaders
naturally exploited it, which is but the human nature. While with very good
motivation but misdirected either due to ignorance or maya or just self
interest, many were mislead or information was suppressed due to this
monopoly. This coupled with the non transparent functioning of the brain due
to long exposure to secret organizations, was the norm for a very long time.
Here comes the Internet Juggernaut, which opens up communication no one even
dreamt of say 20 years ago. I believe that the unseen hand was behind it for
the well being and progress of the humanity. I say this because no one
foresaw its coming and speed with which its use grew around the world. One
aspect that many have not noticed; Internet is a truly levelling technology,
where everyone can function and interact without distinction of caste,
creed, race, sex or color; rich or poor; ignorant or learned; smart or dumb;
etc. etc.
For many organizational leaders who functioned in a cloistered environment
where the leaders had control, it is a shock and they did not know how to
deal with it. Ignoring it was not an option. I do not think that they have
yet recovered from the shock. While this is going on, the use of Internet
around the world is growing exponentially.
>From what I have seen so far, the public use of Internet by the theosophical
leaders and their underlings is very luke warm even though we have seen bits
and pieces of evidence that it is being extensively used for electioneering
and other organizational matters.
I am sure that one of the lessons learned by everyone is that anything you
put in email may see the light of the day and may come back to bite the
writer. Everyone has seen the evidence of it.
Any lurking leader listening??? Ready for a change???
Visit for exciting discussions on theosophy.

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 4:22 PM, Anand <> wrote:

> --- In <>,
> "robertapimenta26" <robertapimenta26@...> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Mr. Anand,
> >
> > If one group thinks it has privileges over the other, if one group thinks
> it is spiritually further developed, so it can control and determine the
> future of an organization, and it is convinced that is has the authority to
> dictate certain rules of conduct, demanding unconditional loyalty, well Mr.
> Anand how would you call such a group...?
> >
> > But perhaps we should not talk and think so much in terms of an ES as
> such, but focus more on who is ulitimately resposible for this body,
> realizing that there must be sincere students among ES members, who do not
> feel superior to others, and who do make attempts to live in the spirit of
> true Brotherhood.
> >
> > Roberta
> >
> Dear Roberta,
> Large number of TS members have become active on internet. Earlier, when
> internet was not present, it was possible to keep things secrete. Now it is
> not possible to control information. And also members are not afraid of
> their elected leaders so much because students of Theosophy don't depend
> much on elected officers. It was quite interesting to get the news about ES
> role in Presidential election in Latin America. It is a breaking news.
> TS affairs have become more transparent due to internet.
> Still ES things have yet to become more transparent. Slowly, in recent
> past, considerable information has come online about the ES.

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