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Theos-World Re: The Esoteric School Lobby

Jun 19, 2009 02:22 PM
by Anand

--- In, "robertapimenta26" <robertapimenta26@...> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Anand,
> If one group thinks it has privileges over the other, if one group thinks it is spiritually further developed, so it can control and determine the future of an organization,  and it is convinced that is has the authority to dictate certain rules of conduct, demanding unconditional loyalty, well Mr. Anand how would you call such a group...?
> But perhaps we should not talk and think so much in terms of an ES as such, but focus more on who is ulitimately resposible for this body, realizing that there must be sincere students among ES members, who do not feel superior to others, and who do make attempts to live in the spirit of true Brotherhood.
> Roberta

Dear Roberta,
Large number of TS members have become active on internet. Earlier, when internet was not present, it was possible to keep things secrete. Now it is not possible to control information. And also members are not afraid of their elected leaders so much because students of Theosophy don't depend much on elected officers. It was quite interesting to get the news about ES role in Presidential election in Latin America. It is a  breaking news. 
TS affairs have become more transparent due to internet.
Still ES things have yet to become more transparent. Slowly, in recent past, considerable information has come online about the ES.

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