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Theos-World Re: The Esoteric School Lobby

Jun 19, 2009 10:06 AM
by robertapimenta26

Dear Mr. Anand,

If one group thinks it has privileges over the other, if one group thinks it is spiritually further developed, so it can control and determine the future of an organization,  and it is convinced that is has the authority to dictate certain rules of conduct, demanding unconditional loyalty, well Mr. Anand how would you call such a group...?

But perhaps we should not talk and think so much in terms of an ES as such, but focus more on who is ulitimately resposible for this body, realizing that there must be sincere students among ES members, who do not feel superior to others, and who do make attempts to live in the spirit of true Brotherhood.


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> > Dear Mr. Anand,
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> > The ES of the Adyar group is not an open body as you know, so members are reluctant to come out into the open. But I guess that in particular among certain ES members,  and their local leaders, a lobby was formed to secure the re-election of Radha Burnier, no matter what. 
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> > Why they did this? One can only guess!
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> > Roberta
> Dear Roberta,
> How can brotherhood in TS be formed if one group in it thinks it is it's duty to control TS, when all members are given equal rights by the constitution of TS? I think such behavior won't help spiritual development of members.

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