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Re: Strange pattern of secrecy/non transparency

Jun 19, 2009 08:40 AM
by Anand

--- In, "robertapimenta26" <robertapimenta26@...> wrote:
> Mr. Ramadoss,
> The secrecy,  and the strange,  darkish political games being played behind closed doors,  is so bad for the TS Adyar. The ES is not transparent that is a fact, but is should be above all politics. All can read this in TS literature. Olcott at first was opposed to the ES, afraid for a state in the state. Perhaps he was right after all!!  The Pasadena group was wise to dissolve the ES.
> Roberta

Though I have not yet reached final conclusion about what should be done to solve these problems, one solution could be this.
May be all ES literature be made available to all. And let each member be given right to make pledge in his own heart about his determination to work for Theosophical cause.  
I think ES system works only if it's head is of very highly developed, has contact with Masters, and he is able to guide it's members with great wisdom, and he does not use ES for political purpose. But if ES head is not of so high level and if he used ES mostly to gain political advantage, then ES system will be a failure. In such case it's members are likely to degenerate instead of developing spiritually.
When HPB formed ES, she, being a disciple, had fairly good capacity to guide members of ES on the path of occultism. Annie Besant was also capable for doing such a job. That time ES was perhaps a successful organization, in terms of it's ability to accelerate evolution of it's members. But ES can become a failure if it's head is not of that high level. 
So, success of ES depends, to much extent,  on it's head. This is true in case of  perhaps all spiritual organizations.

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