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Practical Occultism and LamRin - Tson-kha-pa

Aug 03, 2008 07:43 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

A few words on Practical Occultism...

"Practical Occultism" by H. P. Blavatsky:
"Before thou (the teacher) shalt impart to thy Lanoo (disciple) the good (holy) words of LAMRIN, or shall permit him "to make ready" for Dubjed, thou shalt take care that his mind is thoroughly purified and at peace with all, especially with his other Selves. Other wise the words of Wisdom and of the good Law, shall scatter and be picked up by the winds. 
  ["Lamrin" is a work of practical instructions, by Tson-kha-pa, in two portions, one for ecclesiastical and esoteric purposes, the other for esoteric use. "To make ready" for Dubjed, is to prepare the vessels used for seership, such as mirrors and crystals. The "other selves." refers to the fellow students. Unless the greatest harmony reigns among the learners, no success is possible. It is the teacher who makes the selections according to the magnetic and electric natures of the students, bringing together and adjusting most carefully the positive and the negative elements.] "

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Lamrim in Wikipedia:
"Lam Rim (Tibetan: lam "path", rim "stages") is a Tibetan Buddhist textual form for presenting the complete path to enlightenment as taught by Gautama Buddha. In Tibetan Buddhist history there have been many different versions of the Lam Rim, presented by different teachers, of the Nyingma, Kagyu and Gelug schools. The Sakya have a somewhat similar textual form called the Lam Dre. However all the versions of the Lam Rim are based on extensions of Atisha's 11th Century root text A Lamp for the Path."

Online - "A Lamp for the Path" by Atisha

Lam Rim by a Seeker...
Lam Rim Chenmo by Tson-kha-pa (- and commentaries by Venerable Chodron)

Here near the Olympic days is a very interesting (chinese) article about the British attempts of invading Tibet in 1866 etc. (Smile.) :-)

M. Sufilight

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