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Anand, I'm Looking forward to your Anwers to 6 Questions

Aug 02, 2008 04:28 PM
by danielhcaldwell


I've tried to answer 6 Questions concerning "God".

Here is the breakdown.  

I'm hoping you will try to answer the 4 questions
that I posted at:

"4 Questions between Anand and Daniel"

I tried to answer those 4 questions in that same posting.

I also asked a 5th question in the posting at:

"HPB, KH, Jnaneshwar, and Madhva: Comparing and Contrasting"

and gave my own answer in that same posting.

Now I'm looking forward to your answer to that 5th question.


Since you yourself brought forth Jnaneshwar and stated his
position, then it will be interesting to see your answers that
relate to him.

Also it will be interesting to see your answer concerning

A 6th question would be:

Is Madhva teaching the same view of God as Jnaneshwar?

Based on the 2 summaries given - one by you and the other one
from the Oxford reference source, my answer would be:

No they are not teaching the same thing.

Jnaneshwar appears to teach monism, there is no duality, no 
separation, but Madhva sets up an eternal duality.  God and all souls
can never be ONE, there is always a separation between God and all 

Looking forward to your answers.


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