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How Russian President sees Computer Skills

Jul 20, 2008 08:47 PM
by mkr777

Here is how the Russian President sees computer skills:

He is reported to have said: "We don't hire people who can't read and write.
Computer literacy today is the same," Mr. Medvedev was quoted as saying by
the Mail online of Britain.

Determined to increase transparency, the 42-year-old leader has made it his
mission to see that the government carried out more of its work online.

Blaming the bureaucracy for the foot-dragging on poor computer skills, Mr.
Medvedev said there had been no real progress toward putting documents,
government purchase orders or the results of government-funded research
online, despite years of talk about establishing an "electronic government."


We, theosophists, may want to take a lesson from the above. While, an
individual's spiritual development does not depend on one's reading, writing
or computer skills, we live and function in this world and hence, computers
are an integral part of our day to day lives. Theosophical organizations can
function more efficiently and transparently, if only they find innovative
ways of using computers and Internet. It is no different than using
electricity, automobiles, airplanes, telephones and faxes. These are all
tools we can and should use as integral part of our lives.

Even in the USA, theosophical organization has not touched the fringes of
what is possible. In the publishing arena, all the classical works are now
available on-line for anyone to read or download as they are all out of
copyright. The area where it has to come up to full speed is multi
directional communication with members. We are still clinging to the age old
print media (or try to replicate print media in Internet age), may be
because most of the leaders are old and many are yet to fully comprehend the
ramifications of the application of computers and Internet. Let us hope the
situation changes or otherwise we will be left behind and the technology
will move on and with the population.

On this subject, almost quarter century ago, Krishnamurti had the foresight
and was very interested in computers as evidenced by the various
conversations he had with Asit Chandmal (who pioneered computer applications
in the TATA companies in India). He was also exploring how computers are
going to affect humanity and human beings.

My 0.02.


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