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TS Election - Using Membership List for personal mailing

Jul 19, 2008 07:51 PM
by mkr777

In the website, I found interesting historical info:

"Dr. Henry Smith was at that time National President of the Theosophical
Society in America."  "For some months previous, dissatisfaction had been
growing both in the Section and more particularly among the other officers
and leaders of the Society concerning Dr. Smith's performance as National
President. Events came to a head at the 1965 Convention and resulted in Dr.
Smith's resignation as President before the sessions ended. Joy Mills, as
Vice President, was appointed to fill the remainder of the term."

Elected officials, do not resign during office. All Democratic elected
systems are set up so that, once elected officials can act like fiefs and
removing is almost impossible.

If the elected TS President resigns because of dissatisfaction of members,
officers and leaders of Society, because of his performance as National
President, it simply shows that he was a real theosophist who lived up to
highest moral and ethical standards. Elected officials would not easily
resign because of dissatisfaction. Just think for a moment.

Compared to what happened then, we saw in the recent election how the
membership mailing list was used in the USA by the President for a *personal
mailing* touting members to vote for one of the candidates. This is in
violation of long-standing de facto policy of treating the members' mailing
list as "secret and sacred." This is despite the fact that in the past,
there was an incident of a low-level long-time dedicated Olcott employee
inadvertently accessing the mailing list resulting in very severe actions
being taken on her. In the recent incident, we have not seen even an apology
or remorse for the above serious violation, perhaps setting new standards
for the future elections.

To me, I feel we live in Kali Yuga, where standards seem to go downhill.


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