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Re: Theos-World Apologizes for Church sex abuse

Jul 19, 2008 11:02 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Just my personal pov. I have read that in regards to the 5 Skandhas a living Buddha before arrival has final remaining "residuals" that are the last to be conquered due to their primordial origin, energy, force. They are left to the very last and untying the Banda of sexual impulse which is "reflectivity" of the primordial in regards to the creative entities, from which the omnipotent will to have union elementally begins the manisfestation of  the subtle elements that constitute the creation. Neti Neti surveys what is gradient process that will not overwhelm the chela and can be approached safely. The "residuals" are last so the final consummation and unbinding of the original cosmic sexual force is one of the very last procedures just before real Buddhahood is achievedd to include also the remaining "residuals" of the Skandhass.


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To all readers

The quotes following later in this e-mail might be worth considering...
Both H. P. Blavatsky and C. W. Leadbeater stated, that humanity had a problem with sexuality. This is important.

A few questions:
I wonder if TS Adyar is able be of service to us all and come closer to the TRUTH today?
And I wonder if there are any members who helps young boys, - and girls and grown ups who truely have sexual problems? And I wonder what kind of chakra excercises there are performed to deal with these issues?

Maybe there is no problems with sexuality on the planets. And maybe "do not mind" and "do not care" is the policy at TS Adyar and other theosophical groups?

I ask since I find that there is a marked confusion among theosophist on this issue.
Silence speaks.

Here are the quotes:
'Food, sexual relations, drink, are all natural necessities of life; yet excess in them brings on disease, misery, suffering, mental and physical, and the latter are transmitted as the greatest evils to future generations . . .' (ML2 57, MLc 274) 

'Esotericism has never proscribed sexual or marital functions created by nature herself. Esotericism works in, with, for nature, and condemns but immorality, abuse and excess. Moreover, of all the animals, man is the most animal in his excesses; the beast has its seasons, but man has none.' (BCW 8:88) 

'Man has fallen to so material a level that it is impossible to suppress sexual passion, but its exaltation is manifestly his ruin. . . . The apotheosis of passion, from the bitter fruit of which man has everlasting need to be redeemed, is the surest sign of moral degradation. Liberty to love according to the impulse of the senses, is the most profound slavery. From the beginning nature has hedged that pathway with disease and death. Wretched as are countless marriages, vile as are the man-made laws which place marriage on the lowest plane, the salvation of free love is the whisper of the snake anew in the ear of the modern Eve.' (BCW 12:258- 9) 

'Do not believe that lust can ever be killed out if gratified or satiated, for this is an abomination inspired by Mara [temptation personified]. It is by feeding vice that it expands and waxes strong, like to the worm that fattens on the blossom's heart.' (Voice 17)

The eastern occultists consider the 'sexual relation . . . as a "Karma" pertaining only to the mundane relation of man, who is dominated by Illusion, a thing to be put aside, the moment that the person becomes "wise." They considered it a most fortunate circumstance if the Guru (teacher) found in his pupil an aptitude for the pure life of Brahmacharya.' (SD 2:458)

'[N]o one can properly or with safety enter on the study of Practical Occultism, in the real sense of the word, unless he or she is a celibate . . . The Spinal Cord puts into connection the Brain and the Generative Organs, and this connection is further strengthened by the Sympathetic System. The Cord, however, gives an open passage, which opens into the important cavities of the Brain. Excitement of the Generative Organs sends up impulses and subtle essences to the Brain by way of the spinal canals. Now the three vital airs are ruled by the Will, and Will and Desire are the higher and lower aspects of one and the same thing. These airs . . . play in the canals, and hence the importance of their absolute purity. For if they soil the vital airs energized by the Will, disease results at the best, Black Magic at the worst. Therefore all sexual intercourse is forbidden to the students of Practical Occultism.' (BCW 12:702)

Very interestig words indeed...

"The Society founded to remedy the glaring evils of Christianity, to shun bigotry and intolerance, cant and superstition and to cultivate real universal love extending even to the dumb brute". 
(The Collected Writings of H. P. Blavatsky, vol. 7, p.246)

M. Sufilight

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Apologizes for Church sex abuse

Considering that everyone who knew Leadbeater is now long dead, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Chuck the Heretic 

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From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Sent: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 8:52 am
Subject: Theos-World Apologizes for Church sex abuse

To all readers

Here is something to consider...

Pope apologizes for Church sex abuse ( Sat Jul 19, 2008)
"SYDNEY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict on Saturday apologized directly for the first time for sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy, but victims groups in Australia said they wanted action and not words."

I have the hope, that Maybe the honest truth will come out at 
TS Adyar one day...


M. Sufilight

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