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Re: Theos-World Re: Dynasty subverting Democracy (through FEAR)

Jul 17, 2008 04:00 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Regarding the ES , I think that it was originally started in part to do work of the 3rd Object of the Society. That object has been downplayed, and now only ES members are working on that. The outer members don't even ask about the 3rd object, so well has that?been ghosted and obfuscated.


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> When you have same head for ES and TS, there is little democracy
> because ES members are supposed to support their ES head. This
> election was interesting because it appears that many ES members
> voted against their head Radha.

There's a problem with ES. ES is considered a closed order, where the 
members take some vows which they don't disclose to the outer world. 
Let's suppose that among them there is a vow of loyality to the head 
of organization.
If the president of TS is a ES member, the ES head can order him 
something and the president shall act not according to the interests 
of the members which democraticly elected him, but to the orders of 
the ES head.
This problem was "elegantly" solved in TS by combination of president 
and ES head offices. It makes the president free of any outer control, 
as he is a head of both organizations.
Two other possibilities: (1) dissolve ES or (2) make provision in the 
Rules that TS higher officers cannot be members of ES, are more hard 
to put into practice, for (1) ES can continue to run secretly in spite 
of its dissolution; and (2) the candidate can hide the fact of his 
membership in ES, which ES won't disclose.


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