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Re: Theos-World Re: Ad Hominem Campaign

May 28, 2008 06:23 AM
by mkr777

The personal and family circumstances of many do not allow them to be active
and travel for theosophical work when they are young.

I am glad that you are young and are able to do full time work for theosophy
and glad you seized the opportunity.

If you are old, then there is complaint; if you are young, there is
complaint. Complaints will be there no matter what.


On 5/28/08, prmoliveira <> wrote:
> --- In <>, "Govert
> Schuller" <schuller@...>
> wrote:
> > My sense is, and I have some
> > confirmatiion for that, that officers appearing on these groups can
> easily
> > become lightning-rods for all kinds of frustrations, indignations,
> > projections and accusations, which most of the time have nothing to
> do with
> > the person in question.
> Dear Govert,
> Thank you for your kind words. In spite of the unpleasant nature of
> some subjects dealt with on theos-talk recently, I think this list
> provides a unique, almost real-time opportunity for discussing
> important issues.
> In the past, when I had been targeted for my affiliation with the TS
> (Adyar), I had to remind some posters, sometimes repeatedly, that I
> do not represent anybody on this list except myself. Once I was even
> asked to concede to someone else's point of view! Fortunately Eldon
> Tucker and others on the list helped in the situation by pointing out
> what the list was all about.
> > P.S.: For full disclosure I have to state that, because I expect
> Pedro to
> > become a big shot in the TS, and I like to develop my relationship
> with him
> > in order to keep my 'stature' in the TS, my statements above have
> to be read
> > with a grain of salt. 8^)
> In a visit to Japan in 1995, on my way to Krotona, a TS member in
> Japan, in a private conversation, told me right to my face: "You are
> an ambitious man. I know why you are at Adyar. You have your eyes set
> on her chair!" As I was a guest, I replied politely that the chair on
> which I sat at Adyar belongued to the TS and that when the President
> considered that my work there was done I would take the first flight
> back to Brazil. And that was what actually happened towards the end
> of 1996 when I left Adyar.
> Radha had actually alerted me at the beginning of my work at Adyar
> regarding the possibility of people flattering me because of my
> position and my age (I was 35 then). (That obviously didn't work in
> Japan!) She said: "Remember, no matter what people say, you are what
> you are. If you are sincere, you will know that there are a lot of
> impurities within the mind that need to be dealt with."
> Regarding your expectations, I would suggest that you make the above
> amount, instead of "with a grain of salt", with a bag of salt! <:)
> Pedro

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