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Re: Ad Hominem Campaign

May 28, 2008 05:57 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Govert Schuller" <schuller@...> 

> My sense is, and I have some
> confirmatiion for that, that officers appearing on these groups can 
> become lightning-rods for all kinds of frustrations, indignations,
> projections and accusations, which most of the time have nothing to 
do with
> the person in question. 

Dear Govert,

Thank you for your kind words. In spite of the unpleasant nature of 
some subjects dealt with on theos-talk recently, I think this list 
provides a unique, almost real-time opportunity for discussing 
important issues.

In the past, when I had been targeted for my affiliation with the TS 
(Adyar), I had to remind some posters, sometimes repeatedly, that I 
do not represent anybody on this list except myself. Once I was even 
asked to concede to someone else's point of view! Fortunately Eldon 
Tucker and others on the list helped in the situation by pointing out 
what the list was all about.

> P.S.: For full disclosure I have to state that, because I expect 
Pedro to
> become a big shot in the TS, and I like to develop my relationship 
with him
> in order to keep my 'stature' in the TS, my statements above have 
to be read
> with a grain of salt. 8^)

In a visit to Japan in 1995, on my way to Krotona, a TS member in 
Japan, in a private conversation, told me right to my face: "You are 
an ambitious man. I know why you are at Adyar. You have your eyes set 
on her chair!" As I was a guest, I replied politely that the chair on 
which I sat at Adyar belongued to the TS and that when the President 
considered that my work there was done I would take the first flight 
back to Brazil. And that was what actually happened towards the end 
of 1996 when I left Adyar.

Radha had actually alerted me at the beginning of my work at Adyar 
regarding the possibility of people flattering me because of my 
position and my age (I was 35 then). (That obviously didn't work in 
Japan!) She said: "Remember, no matter what people say, you are what 
you are. If you are sincere, you will know that there are a lot of 
impurities within the mind that need to be dealt with." 

Regarding your expectations, I would suggest that you make the above 
amount, instead of "with a grain of salt", with a bag of salt! <:)



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