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Re: Theos-World Ad Hominem Campaign

May 28, 2008 10:42 AM
by Govert Schuller

Dear Jokela, Pedro and MKR,

I think we should recognize and respect the fact that Pedro is one of the
very few officers of the TS to stick out his neck on this forum. MKR
complains that there are not enough officers doing so and I agree. So, let's
be aware of our communications with him and refrain from projections and
speculations and other unfair perceptions. My sense is, and I have some
confirmatiion for that, that officers appearing on these groups can easily
become lightning-rods for all kinds of frustrations, indignations,
projections and accusations, which most of the time have nothing to do with
the person in question. Fortunately Pedro has some deftness in dealing with
that and Jokela responded correspondently. Wish there were more officers
like Pedro.


P.S.: For full disclosure I have to state that, because I expect Pedro to
become a big shot in the TS, and I like to develop my relationship with him
in order to keep my 'stature' in the TS, my statements above have to be read
with a grain of salt. 8^)

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> Pedro,
> Very good that truth comes out. Those are just information I have
> from sources I thought would be trustfull, so this far they have
> facts to me. I am sorry if you do not see value of that kind of
> information in case if they were true. Or value as lies now, when
> are proofed untrue. Now I wonder why some people spread that kind
> thoughts if it is not true at all. I am sorry if you feel it as an
> againts you, I appologies from the bottom of my heart. But you have
> jumped in to the game supporting one candidate, so I belive you
> have been expect all this.
> You are always free to write to list owner asking to reject my
> membership on this list, if there is a reason for it. I belive your
> sharings and some speculations has sounded like attacting againts
> persons here as well some other writers here no matter does they
> Radha or John. Though sure I do not know about all the letters if
> really exists or not and real purpose of them. Anyway, no hard
> Pedro. Also my FULL name is there as a sign for everyone to see in
> email I have sent here, so I have shared all my ideas based on that
> as concerned memer though her or his ideas was fine.
> So I  wonder if nothing is happening for the presidential election.
> false info of Radha´s health and campaining againts John has been
> allowed, if cancellation of presidential election has not really
> happened. Well, future will show what will happend.
> Has anyone here heard about any cancellation or rejection of some
> in presidential election of TS in 2008?


Thank you for your reply.



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