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Re: Theos-World TS - Elvira Carbonell's Letter - Some Comments

May 26, 2008 05:05 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, Jokela Petri <jokelap@...> wrote:

> Also one thing here is very weird. I am told that Pedro Oliveira 
> for the Australian section of TS.
> But they are paid for it. But Adyar (Radha) pays they salary. Maybe 
> very much, but anyway, as much that they survive.
> I have gone through some of Pedro´s messages and sending times and 
> checked from internet what is time zone
> difference between our countries. So my conclusion is that he 
writes and 
> reads Theos-Talk and probably other mailing list messages
> during working hours. So I think he is a kind of paid presidential 
> election campaing manager. Isn´t this a kind of a scandal?
> I voted Radha, but screwing election is screwing election.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "ad hominem" as "personal; (of 
argument) appealing to feelings not reason".

I do work for the Australian Section, but neither Radha nor Adyar pay 
my salary. In Australia, employees are allowed reasonable use of 
private emailing and web browsing, in the same way that they are 
allowed reasonable personal use of the company telephone. 

My day begins at 5:15am and ends at about 11:00pm as I need to 
commute to and from the office. I have the theos-talk url bookmarked 
both in my home computer as well as in my office computer. I do check 
messages at work from time to time and eventually reply to some 
during my leisure time but my personal computer time is at home.

You have accused me of being "paid presidential election campaing 
manager" and of "screwing election". I will ponder if I should 
consider this as something deserving more serious attention or as 
psychological projections on your part. 

> Though if Radha win election Pedro goes to working at Adyar as 
> stated in her letter, it would be good as as
> far as I know there is not any priest in LCC church right now. I am 
> he is bishop of LCC. Friends of mine told me
> that he is funny fellow. His wife will probably be the next 
> vice-president. Maye they will deny me getting at Adyar for things
> I have written here.

You continue to elaborate on speculations. Under the international 
Rules of the TS it is the President that authorizes residence 
(temporary or of longer term) at Adyar. That prerogative belongs only 
to him or her.

Pedro Oliveira

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