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TS - Leaders' attitude to email

May 26, 2008 04:56 AM
by mkr777

It appears that there is embedded in many leaders of the theosophical
society at all levels, a distaste to using email for communication outside
their inner circles. The leaders may engage in tall talk about Internet and
how it should be used for communication etc. but they sound hollow. E-mail
is the basic application in Internet. Here are some interesting incidents.

About a decade ago, when I used to sent e-mails or faxes to TS HQ in USA, I
always would received a reply by snailmail ? nicely printed on good official
letter head, mailed in a nice envelope. When a simple email could have saved
time, paper, envelope and postage, TS money was spent unnecessarily.

One of the members, now on the ballot in the US National Election, a couple
of days ago sent me a request to be taken off of my mailing list used to
mail information on TS International Elections. This member is not a rookie.
You may see this member heading TSA in the near future. This makes me
wonder. If I were running for a TS office, I would like to be kept informed
of what is going on. Taking an ostrich attitude is not going to help anyone.

When I recently requested Mary Anderson for a current email address of the
National Secretaries/GC members, I have not received a response. This would
have saved me time in scouring email addresses. The addresses in the
Theosophist or the website is not uptodate as some of my emails were

In the USA, I have not seen any active effort to use email to communicate
with members. These days, even publications can be delivered as pdf files
thru email.

When have you seen any of the theosophical leaders participate in any of the
maillists such as this. It looks like there is an unwritten rule that
everyone in the organizational structure is not supposed to participate and
discuss in these maillists. (I have seen only one National Secretary
participate several years ago). These lists are unmoderated and outside the
control of anyone, that is their strength. These lists offer help to fellow
theosophists when they have any question or inquiry on any subject and it is
7/24/365. But for the maillists, we would never have known about the
electioneering going on and members would have voted with incomplete and
misleading information and the wrong person elected.

I hope we will see better days in the future.

M K Ramadoss


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