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Re: Theos-World TS - Elvira Carbonell's Letter - Some Comments

May 26, 2008 05:23 AM
by mkr777

Thanks you clarified.

I also had a private inquiry asking me if I am being paid to write the
messages here and also inquiring if I lived at Adyar. I clarified that no
one pays me (I earn my own Karma!) and the last time I was at Adyar was in
1978 (30 years ago) (when I visited with John Coats.). I hope the readers do
not question the messenger. It would be helpful if we keep our eye on the
messages and make up our own minds.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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On 5/26/08, prmoliveira <> wrote:
> --- In <>, Jokela
> Petri <jokelap@...> wrote:
> > Also one thing here is very weird. I am told that Pedro Oliveira
> works
> > for the Australian section of TS.
> > But they are paid for it. But Adyar (Radha) pays they salary. Maybe
> not
> > very much, but anyway, as much that they survive.
> > I have gone through some of Pedro´s messages and sending times and
> > checked from internet what is time zone
> > difference between our countries. So my conclusion is that he
> writes and
> > reads Theos-Talk and probably other mailing list messages
> > during working hours. So I think he is a kind of paid presidential
> > election campaing manager. Isn´t this a kind of a scandal?
> > I voted Radha, but screwing election is screwing election.
> The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "ad hominem" as "personal; (of
> argument) appealing to feelings not reason".
> I do work for the Australian Section, but neither Radha nor Adyar pay
> my salary. In Australia, employees are allowed reasonable use of
> private emailing and web browsing, in the same way that they are
> allowed reasonable personal use of the company telephone.
> My day begins at 5:15am and ends at about 11:00pm as I need to
> commute to and from the office. I have the theos-talk url bookmarked
> both in my home computer as well as in my office computer. I do check
> messages at work from time to time and eventually reply to some
> during my leisure time but my personal computer time is at home.
> You have accused me of being "paid presidential election campaing
> manager" and of "screwing election". I will ponder if I should
> consider this as something deserving more serious attention or as
> psychological projections on your part.
> > Though if Radha win election Pedro goes to working at Adyar as
> Radha
> > stated in her letter, it would be good as as
> > far as I know there is not any priest in LCC church right now. I am
> told
> > he is bishop of LCC. Friends of mine told me
> > that he is funny fellow. His wife will probably be the next
> > vice-president. Maye they will deny me getting at Adyar for things
> > I have written here.
> You continue to elaborate on speculations. Under the international
> Rules of the TS it is the President that authorizes residence
> (temporary or of longer term) at Adyar. That prerogative belongs only
> to him or her.
> Pedro Oliveira

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