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Theos-World Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS International Election

May 24, 2008 05:37 AM
by Anand

Dear Govert,
You think John Algeo is neutral about Krishnamurti and considers
Theosophy and Krishnamurti's views are different. This is not correct.
John Algeo position about J. Krishnamurti's teaching is given on his
page. I have pasted paragraph below. It clearly shows John Algeo
position that Theosophy and Krishnamurti are same.

"1. Tradition. It is imperative that we maintain the tradition of
non-dogmatic Theosophical teaching and practice we have inherited.
These are based on the writings and lives of the Masters of the
Wisdom, H. P. Blavatsky, and H. S. Olcott. They have been restated in
more contemporary terms by Annie Besant, J. Krishnamurti, and others. "

Anand Gholap

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