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Re: TS Elections - Transparency - Formerly : The 2008 PTS Election Letters

May 24, 2008 05:27 AM
by mkr777

More transparency better it is.

Discussing issues etc is good for everybody. Traditional websites are
one-way communication, just like printed material.

What is needed is multi-way open discussion. Traditional organizational
leaders, in all organizations, do not yet know how to deal with the new
Internet phenomenon since they are used to dribble out bits and pieces of
information that they think is helpful to the organization and themselves.
Then one day, they are surprised to find out some of the information they
were withholding is on the Internet and the cat is out of the bag.

As I have repeatedly said, when you look at upcoming growing organizations,
they are always led by young and middle aged persons. Most of the creativity
in all fields are done when one is either young and/or middle aged and not
when you are very old.

Let us hope we have better future.


On 5/24/08, Anand <> wrote:
> The letters are not problematic. I congratulate all three Radha, Bland
> and Carbonell for sharing information and views about the most
> important subject election. I would suggest all the concerned members
> and officers to think more about the issues before the TS and share
> maximum information with members, discuss it, find out what would be
> the best course. Without such discussion and sharing of information,
> members caste their vote with little information, and outcome of it
> could be election of wrong candidate. To avoid it there should be in
> place sophisticated information system.
> In Christ.
> Anand Gholap
> .

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