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Re: Theos-World Re: Independent Inquiry into the TS Election

May 23, 2008 12:44 PM
by MKR

Everyone has a right to communicate anything they want to anyone.

When I received the letter from Betty Bland, I was very pleased and honored
to receive it from her since this is the first time ever I received a
personal letter from her home. I felt very sorry about the mental and
physical condition of Radha Burnier and was waiting for the ballot to
arrive. While waiting, when I surfed on the Internet, I found the doctors
certificates and firsthand personal confirmation of Radha's fitness, which
convinced me that Betty's information was erroneous at the least and
purposely misleading at the worst to induce members to vote for Algeo. So I
waited to hear from her with updated information on Radha's health in the
light of the above information. I am still waiting. So far all I see is but
silence. I think that Betty, as TSA President, has a responsibility to
inform members when compelling contradictory information became available to
her, because of her earlier electioneering letter.

There are a large number of at-large members and many members who are still
in the dark about the full picture of Radha's health due to the erroneous
info provided to them in Betty's letter. Only those who have access to
Internet and know where to find the discussions about the election have more
information about the election. Those who do not have Internet access and
those who do not know where to find the info may have cast their ballots
based on erroneous and incomplete information, thus affecting the outcome of
the election.

What has happened has shattered the trust we have in our leaders. This is a
serious matter. As I have indicated earlier, in the history of TS, leaders
have lost their positions due to human failings due to human temptations
whose effects were not widespread. But, in the matter of TS International
Election, the effects of providing erroneous info thus affecting the outcome
may last a long time and could be world wide. We will have to see what

M K Ramadoss


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On 5/23/08, Anand <> wrote:

I think National President of American Section has right to
communicate her opinions to members of her Section.


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