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Rules and Principles 1

May 17, 2008 00:53 AM
by Anton Rozman

"Let us accept no creed, no practice, no institution which does not 
answer the test of brotherhood."* 

But if we want to respect this proposal, we find ourselves in front of 
a difficult task, as we have to ask ourselves: are there any objective 
measures at all which can help us to verify if the creed, practice or 
functioning of a definite institution is fraternal. 

Can we therefore find some objective measures to verify if the 
functioning of an institution is in fact fraternal? Maybe some will 
think that such task is not necessary and useful, but here is another 

"Each must lead himself, which implies intelligence, a clear purpose, a 
vision of his own, a willingness to determine his steps for himself, 
the acceptance of one's responsibility and the faculty of pure, 
individual and uninfluenced judgment."*

* Nantiloka Shri Ram, Thoughts for Aspirants.

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