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Re: Theos-World Rules and Principles 1

May 17, 2008 02:03 AM
by Martin

Oops I am going to hijack this topic...soon, lmao

--- Anton Rozman <> wrote:

> "Let us accept no creed, no practice, no institution
> which does not 
> answer the test of brotherhood."* 
> But if we want to respect this proposal, we find
> ourselves in front of 
> a difficult task, as we have to ask ourselves: are
> there any objective 
> measures at all which can help us to verify if the
> creed, practice or 
> functioning of a definite institution is fraternal. 
> Can we therefore find some objective measures to
> verify if the 
> functioning of an institution is in fact fraternal?
> Maybe some will 
> think that such task is not necessary and useful,
> but here is another 
> thought: 
> "Each must lead himself, which implies intelligence,
> a clear purpose, a 
> vision of his own, a willingness to determine his
> steps for himself, 
> the acceptance of one's responsibility and the
> faculty of pure, 
> individual and uninfluenced judgment."*
> * Nantiloka Shri Ram, Thoughts for Aspirants.



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