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World Taboos part6: Identification, Sympathication, Empathication

May 16, 2008 10:13 PM
by Martin

Well dear FHB's (Fellow Human Beings), here we have the Clutch to our 
inner Be-Ness.
I was observing what the Buddha must have reflected, when he was 
contemplating on His Own seperateness; seperation  being the worst sin 
of all.
To think you are by yourself
To think the other is to blame
To think you exsist and the other is maya (solepsism)
To think the others exsist and you yourself are maya ( this is a very 
difficult one )
To think maya and karma are one and the same thing


To understand maya is the mercifull way of Nature to soften karma: 
straight Truth kills in most cases and Nature doesn't do the eye for an 
eye trick, she always finds a way of giving teaching AND punishment
To understand karma works both ways: from the future into the past and 
from the past into the future...I told you this is a difficult one, 
however just look at this:
The Buddha came from the 6th round, this is a stage in the developement 
of the Earth which is not manifested you may think. Well let me help 
you out here: All is manifested however humanity plays in different 
loka's (grades)at the same time, but it still the same school we are 
all in called the minor school of Being ( microcosmos ).


Solepsism is true when everything is not manifest, however the observer 
doesn't exsist either then


The other is to blame only when he didn't care enough about you however 
at the same time you were to blame also for you didn't pay attention to 
the inner teacher. This is the way I always love to learn, its called 
harmony by conflict.


I was once, when I was 7 years old sent away from home, because I had 
played with a razorblade and slightly injured my 3 year younger brother.
My parents ( real dugpa's at the time ) sent me away never to return 
home, they litterally said: we are not your parents.
I was not shocked and simply said : ok, I am gonna sit their in that 
railway tunnel and will just return real home.
A couple of hours later, I was half freezing to death, it was mid 
winter, I saw the door closed inside. At the same time I was found by 2 
people and they took me to their home. They gave me a hot cup of tea 
and called the police to have me returned to my parents.
I simply think now that showed me a lot of answers to a lot of 
questions...when you try to follow the Boddhisatva way, how can you 
ever want to go HOME, when others are still in the dark? I made my 
pledge before I was born and said, when I go downthere in that world I 
will find the guys, who went home AND LEFT US BEHIND!!!!

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