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TS -Comments on Olcott by HPB

May 16, 2008 08:31 PM
by MKR

In an article written by HPB in 1886, she discusses, H S Olcott, who was
President for Life. Some of the comments on the chief requisites of a leader
of the Theosophical Movement are very valid even today.


No; "truth does not depend on show of hands"; but in the case of the much
abused President-Founder it must depend on the show of facts. Thorny and
full of pitfalls was the steep path he had to climb up alone and unaided for
the first years. Terrible was the opposition outside the Society he had to
build--sickening and disheartening the treachery he often encountered within
the Head Quarters. Enemies gnashing their teeth in his face around, those
whom he regarded as his staunchest friends and co-workers betraying him and
the Cause on the slightest provocation. Still, where hundreds in his place
would have collapsed and given up the whole undertaking in despair, he,
unmoved and unmovable, went on climbing up and toiling as before,
unrelenting and undismayed, supported by that one thought and conviction
that he was doing his duty. What other inducement has the Founder ever had,
but his theosophical pledge and the sense of his duty toward THOSE he had
promised to serve to the end of his life? There was but one beacon for
him--the hand that had first pointed to him his way up: the hand of the
MASTER he loves and reveres so well, and serves so devotedly though
occasionally, perhaps, unwisely. As President elected for life, he has
nevertheless offered more than once to resign in favour of any one found
worthier than him, but was never permitted to do so by the majority--not of
"show of hands" but show of hearts, literally--as few are more beloved than
he is even by most of those, who may criticize occasionally his actions. And
this is only natural: for, cleverer in administrative capacities, more
learned in philosophy, subtler in casuistry, in metaphysics or daily life
policy, there may be many around him; but the whole globe may be searched
through and through and no one found stauncher to his friends, truer to his
word, or more devoted to real, practical theosophy--than the
President-Founder; and these are the chief requisites in a leader of such a
movement--one that aims to become a Brotherhood of men. The Society needs no
Loyolas; it has to shun anything approaching casuistry; nor ought we to
tolerate too subtle casuists. There, where every individual has to work out
his own Karma, the judgment of a casuist who takes upon himself the duty of
pronouncing upon the state of a brother's soul, or of guiding his
conscience, is of no use, and may become positively injurious. The Founder
claims no more rights than every one else in the Society: the right of
private judgment, which, whenever it is found to disagree with Branches or
individuals is quietly set aside and ignored--as shown by the complainants

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