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TS - Election -- Algeo's Nomination

May 16, 2008 05:31 PM
by MKR

May 16, 2008

Dear Member:

We have had a lot of discussions about the health issue of Radha Burnier
which was the central issue in this election. We really know very little
about the activities that went on and going on behind the scenes. Members
have some simple questions; answers to them will throw light on the dynamics
of the election process.

So far, the image that has been presented to the members is that John Algeo
is a silent spectator who is running for the election because some of the GC
members/National Secretaries nominated him. I would let the members decide
whether they consider this a plausible scenario or not.

But it would be interesting to know the events that preceded the nomination.

Assuming that nominators approached him to see if he would accept their
nominations, there are some simple questions:

1. When the nominators approached him, did he ask them if any of them talked
to Radha Burnier to express their concerns about her health and consequently
they are disposed to nominate John Algeo and if so what was her response?
(Most nominators had known and worked with Radha Burnier for a long time.)

2. Whether nominators discussed or not discussed with Radha Burnier their
preference/decision to nominate John Algeo, when John Algeo found out that
GC members are inclined to nominate him, did he, on his own initiative
discuss it with Radha Burnier or not? (The election is a democratic process
and nominators have freedom to nominate anyone.)

We talk a lot of Universal Brotherhood and how we are all connected to each
other. Also, in normal families, between brothers and sisters, there are
going to be different views on a lot of things. TS is not different. But,
John Algeo and his nominators have known and worked with Radha Burnier for a
long time and hence on such an important matter as this, I do not know if
they discussed John's Nomination with Radha Burnier.

If we do not hear soon, from John Algeo or his nominators, all we can do is
to speculate. Such speculation do turn into rumors and soon they get out of
control and can no do no good to anyone.

Transparency, may hurt one's ego and pride in the short term. But in the
long term, it can only enhance members' esteem.

I hope someone will give us a feedback. If anyone is in the know and is too
scared to speak up here, please e-mail me at
*MKR777@GMAIL.COM*<MKR777@GMAIL.COM>and I will make it available to
all and will guarantee confidentiality.


M K Ramadoss, TS Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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