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Re: Theos-World Language problems

May 16, 2008 06:15 AM
by Anand

India has a population of more than one billion people and adds one
Australia to it's population every year. In next ten years, it will
have more people knowing and using English than those in America and
England put together! All college and professional education is being
given in English, most schools have English subject and many schools
teach all subjects in English. So Indians will significantly influence
the way English language will be used.  

Anand Gholap

--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev"
<kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
> --- In, Drpsionic@ wrote:
> > German would be impossible!  No one can understand it,
> > least of all the Germans!
> There is Ordnung in German!
> When I find in some English book a passage which can have double 
> meaning, I look into the German translation, if it is available, and 
> in spite of that my knowledge of German is even much worse than of 
> English, almost invariably I find there a clear expression. I cannot 
> be sure that the German translator understood English expression 
> correctly, but at least he succeeded to express his understanding 
> clearly.

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