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Re: Theos-World Steiner

May 13, 2008 11:58 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Seems you intermix Steiner with Hartmann.

Steiner never received letters form Masters, although he claimed in his E.S. openings that the Masters speak through him.
They gave him higher teachings than HPB, whom he regarded her as partly black magic and in "occult captivity"
(Mme. Tingley was also a black magician to him).

Steiner promoted clairvoyance, could read the Akahsa records, see the fomer lifes of his members, attracted many rich old ladies, and founded a church, the Christengemeinschaft".

Comparison of the doctrines shows that he followed more Besant and Leadbeater than HPB.

So when Leadbeater's teachings are theosophy, then Steiner's too.

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I recall Steiner made a journey to India and met HPB in Adyar and I think
there were some letters to him from the Adepts when he was there. How many
of us here had such a privilege?


On 5/13/08, <> wrote:
> Hi Konstantin,
> Well, my memory is that Rudolph Steiner was originally a Theosophist who
> was attracted to Blavatsky's teachings and joined a Lodge in Europe for some
> time. Due to his personal reflections on some issues he left Theosophy and
> founded his own movement which has continued to the present time and is
> fairly widespread. He Anthroposophy along with the Montesorri Schools which
> are very widespread here in America are two organizations that adopted
> Theosophical Principles, Teachings and Philosophy. Steiner formed the
> Waldorf Schools.Below is a Google Images Hot Link for Rudolph Steiner which
> some members may care to peruse:
> >>>
> Regards,
> John
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> > Steiner... Rudolf Steiner I recon.
> > Does his philosophy accords with Theosophy?
> Partly. It's christianized theosophy. If some call even Krishnamurti's
> teaching theosophical why cannot call so the Steiner's?
> Yet while most theosophists believe in the long succession of
> avataras, Steiner asserted the unique place of Jesus Christ in history
> of humanity.
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