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Re: Theos-World Steiner

May 13, 2008 12:31 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 

> Steiner never received letters form Masters, although he claimed
> in his E.S. openings that the Masters speak through him.

Here's additional information about Steiner.

Below follow the quotations from memoirs of E. Pisareva about history 
of Russian theosophical movement. She was an ardent follower of 
Steiner and translated his works into Russian but changed her mind 
when he left T.S. She attended many international conventions and 
could watch the events which have lead to the one of the most fabulous 
secessions. Now these memoirs are published by TPH Wheaton.
Events of 1902:

"Annie Besant stayed at the premises of German Theosophical Section. 
Dr. Rudolf Stainer was then its general secretary, and his active 
helper was Maria Sievers, the daughter of a noted Russian general, the 
very interesting and talented girl. (She was also enrolled by Nina 
Gernet, and it was Nina who introduced her to Dr.Steiner, and doctor 
himself ? to theosophy).
To show which was the attitude of Dr. Steiner and all the German 
Section to Annie Besant, I shall mention what happened when she had 
gone after the meeting of the theosophical lodge. Doctor who was asked 
to translate her speech into German, didn't limit himself with the 
translation only but added the long speculations from himself. All the 
older members of the Section, headed by M. Sivers, attacked him, 
reproaching him ? how dared he after her highly talented speech to 
speak out his own thoughts. He was extremely confused and uttered 
something in trying to justify himeself. The same day I was introduced 
to Annie Besant and from the first minute felt her greatness so much 
that I became her true servant for the rest of my life. In that stay 
in Berlin, due the help of M.Sievers, I also knew all the German 
Section and came to short terms with Dr. Steiner, who was very 
interested in Russia and appreciated Russian members of his Section 


In 1907 we with Anna Kamensky and the group of Russian theosophists 
came to the 4th European theosopical congress in Munchen. This 
congress made very bad impression on us. All the German Section headed 
by Dr. Steiner radically changed their attitude to A. Besant. M. 
Sievers, and then all the others became fanatical adherents of Steiner 
and believed that it was he, who should head all the theosophical 
movement, displacing Annie Besant. They abruptly broke all friendly 
relations with me, for I remained loyal to her."
Events of 1913, congress in Stockholm:
"It should be noted that the same day, on the business meeting, it was 
decided to call international congresses not once per two years but 
once in three, and to send invitation both to Dr. Steiner and mrs. 

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