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Re: Theos-World Re: Krishnamurti, theosophy, & the TS

May 12, 2008 06:05 AM
by Aryel Sanat

It's great to be back in touch with you Pedro, though of course email  
is not the same!  Unfortunately, I don't know for how long I might be  
able to stay participating on the list, because working at the  
computer tends to bring back symptoms from the stroke I suffered a  
year ago (on top of health issues I'd been dealing with since spring  
2003).  In fact, I "shouldn't" be doing this.  But it's obvious that  
the TS is right now at what may be the most important crossroads in  
its history, & we all have to do what we can.  Please give my  
affectionate regards to the many friends Down Under!


On May 12, 2008, at 8:14 AM, prmoliveira wrote:

> --- In, Aryel Sanat <asanat@...> wrote:
> > A Theosophist might find it
> > difficult to understand someone trying to convey some of the
> > implications of theosophy. A Theosophist might expect to see his
> > ideas & expectations, based mostly on reading books & listening to
> > "knowledgeable" people, confirmed in some way or another. A
> > Theosophist might even be shocked to hear what a theosophist might
> > say on some subjects.
> Welcome to theos-talk, Aryel, and thank you for your introductory
> remarks. They reminded me of our conversations at Adyar in 2002 and
> in Australia in early 2003. They also reminded me of one of my
> favourite passages in The Mahatma Letters:
> "You share with all beginners the tendency to draw too absolutely
> strong inferences from partly caught hints, and to dogmatize
> thereupon as though the last word had been spoken. You will correct
> this in due time. You may misunderstand us, are more than likely to
> do so, for our language must always be more or less that of parable
> and suggestion, when treading upon forbidden ground; we have our own
> peculiar modes of expression and what lies behind the fence of words
> is even more important than what you read. But still ? TRY."
> (Letter 111, chronological edition)
> Greetings from Down Under.
> Pedro

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