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Re: Krishnamurti, theosophy, & the TS

May 12, 2008 05:14 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, Aryel Sanat <asanat@...> wrote:

>  A Theosophist might find it  
> difficult to understand someone trying to convey some of the  
> implications of theosophy.  A Theosophist might expect to see his  
> ideas & expectations, based mostly on reading books & listening to  
> "knowledgeable" people, confirmed in some way or another.  A  
> Theosophist might even be shocked to hear what a theosophist might  
> say on some subjects.

Welcome to theos-talk, Aryel, and thank you for your introductory 
remarks. They reminded me of our conversations at Adyar in 2002 and 
in Australia in early 2003. They also reminded me of one of my 
favourite passages in The Mahatma Letters:

"You share with all beginners the tendency to draw too absolutely 
strong inferences from partly caught hints, and to dogmatize 
thereupon as though the last word had been spoken. You will correct 
this in due time. You may misunderstand us, are more than likely to 
do so, for our language must always be more or less that of parable 
and suggestion, when treading upon forbidden ground; we have our own 
peculiar modes of expression and what lies behind the fence of words 
is even more important than what you read. But still ? TRY."

(Letter 111, chronological edition)

Greetings from Down Under.


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