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Putting archives online

May 11, 2008 12:38 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 

> To launch a homepage is a too heavy task for one person alone.
> Even the web design is difficult, when you expect an average,
> serious look and feel.

I think that the outer form is not essential. Look at 
, one of the best theosophical sites made by late G. Duguay. One may 
say that it has no design. The "design" of our site 
was created in 1997 and since then have undergone no serious changes, 
nevertheless we have more than 100 unique visitors per day.

> Since then there were some theosophists here and then whom I asked 
> to correct scanned texts, but they lost interest after a few pages.

I see the main trouble in scanning, ocr and typing, but as I wrote 
earlier, the scanned materials (and you've already got them, as I 
understand) can be put online without convertion into the text. Such 
form can be the first step. (See some examples of djvu books here: ). Radio amateurs also use this 
format for circuit diagrams and technical manuals.

As for design, for the first time saving in html format from MS Word 
will work well (for text files).
As for the title page you may take any page you like from any site and 
edit the words and links as you like, changing the content and leaving 
the design intact. Webpages can be edited by Netscape or MS Word (not 
mentioning numerous special programs for webdesign). I've seen one 
curious example of this on one theosophical site where they forgot to 
remove title of the page: "Important information about Microsoft 
Windows" :)

> Dosvidanja

Alles gute!
Auch wiedersehen.

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