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Re: Theos-World Presidential Election

May 11, 2008 03:19 PM
by MKR


You now have some idea of the cost of putting up a web page. I am wondering
how much money was spend when Algeo's bilingual website was put up touting
his academic, masonic and theosophic credentials. People don't easily spend
that kind of money. English professors don't get paid much in the USA.


On 5/11/08, Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:
> To launch a homepage is a too heavy task for one person alone.
> Even the web design is difficult, when you expect an average, serious look
> and feel.
> You need to know that in my country big H is presented as the monster of
> all
> times around the clock, so therefore anything what is not politically
> correct is nazi.
> Once I hired a web designer, but he canceled ym order, because he has read
> that the Jew-hater Blavatsky was the master mind behind the gas chambers!
> Other web designers I asked were too expensive for my little purse...
> Since then there were some theosophists here and then whom I asked to
> correct scanned texts, but they lost interest after a few pages.
> No wonder, when one believes that Masters should do all the work.
> Another lady laughed at me, that I do not need to do such work, because
> So, my attempts to bring rare theosophical documents online can be
> interpreted by theosphists as a black magic attack or at least as mistrust
> in Masters work!
> If you know some competent web designer, who is skilled and open-minded to
> theosophy and not too expensive -- let me know!
> Best from Berlin
> Dosvidanja
> Frank

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