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Re: TS President Radha Burnier's Health -- Doctors' Certificates

May 10, 2008 00:49 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> The letter was addressed to General Manager and not by the General
> Manager. The way it was written confused me for a while. This is how
> discussion helps us to understand the truth. Unfortunately officers 
> TS consider critical analysis as unbrotherly. They try to suppress
> information. For example many years back I had asked senior fellow 
> TS constitution of TS for my information. He treated the matter as 
> secrete and intelligently avoided giving me constitution of TS. This
> constitution is not online where people can read it. Members have
> right to information and this right is denied by TS. If they are
> righteous, they should put online constitution and all other 
> information online to give members knowledge of facts, which is 
> right. Both the candidates must disclose their information on the 
> their vision, policies etc. To keep people ignorant has always been
> the tactic used by bad rulers in history of humanity. For example
> communist governments don't give freedom to media. Kind of communism
> has penetrated TS for long time.
> Anand Gholap

Below is the URL to Katinka Hesselink website which contains both the 
Memorandum of Association, when the TS was incorporated in Madras on 
3rd April 1905, plus the International Rules. I am not sure if this 
is the updated version of the Rules:


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