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Re: TS Election -- French Section Update

May 07, 2008 01:03 PM
by christinaleestemaker

I ask myself, cannot Radha speak for herself?
If she want to take off, she should have said.
So if she don't , she can go on as she like, why not?

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Many have seen on the Internet, the letter sent by Maxence Ondet, 
on behalf
> of French Board, to French Members in effect suggesting they vote 
for Algeo
> because of the health of Radha Burnier. The board officially 
sending such a
> letter is interference with the election process and would be 
reason for
> voiding all French Votes.
> I heard that Nano Leguay, General Secretary of French Section, 
> commented that the  English translation of Maxence's letter 
> misleading mistakes.
> I was trying to clarify the truth of the above.
> When you have a situation like the above, you go to the source and 
get it
> checked out. So I wrote to Leguay a few days back, requesting her 
to send me
> a correctly transated English version of the above cited letter.
> I thought Nano would like to correct the errors in the English 
> So far, I have not received any reply. I do not know why.
> Are we calling her bluff and she  is unable to substantiate?
> I want you all, to know about the above.
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