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TS Election -- French Section Update

May 07, 2008 12:55 PM
by MKR

Many have seen on the Internet, the letter sent by Maxence Ondet, on behalf
of French Board, to French Members in effect suggesting they vote for Algeo
because of the health of Radha Burnier. The board officially sending such a
letter is interference with the election process and would be reason for
voiding all French Votes.

I heard that Nano Leguay, General Secretary of French Section, recently
commented that the  English translation of Maxence's letter contained
misleading mistakes.

I was trying to clarify the truth of the above.

When you have a situation like the above, you go to the source and get it
checked out. So I wrote to Leguay a few days back, requesting her to send me
a correctly transated English version of the above cited letter.

I thought Nano would like to correct the errors in the English translation.

So far, I have not received any reply. I do not know why.

Are we calling her bluff and she  is unable to substantiate?

I want you all, to know about the above.


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