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Re: Please suspend/close this group

May 07, 2008 01:07 PM
by raquel_rpj

Dear unknown 
I understand that you wish that we all cancel the group, not just the 
Is that an order? 
Can I ask you Why and with what authority you ask for it?
Could you esplain how the humanitarian activities are suffering from 
the topics here discused?, I do not think anyone on this forus have 
that wish.
Is it an special reason for you not to give a name?
This is the strangest message I´ve read here. 

Best Regards


--- In, "theosophyts" <theosophyts@...> 
> The messages are getting too personal. The exchanges are prone to 
> damage the organization and demorialise the members. There are many 
> good humanitarian activities that are being done by the organization 
> and they will all suffer. May I appeal to all to suspend/close this 
> group until atleast things cool down. One other similar website 
> (theosophy-forum, I think) has closed the topic of election under the 
> heading Adyar/Wheaton which is a good act.

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