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Re: Theos-World Failure of Krishnamurti on the path of occultism

Apr 27, 2008 06:39 PM
by Cass Silva

  Krishnamurti never advocated the realization of self, so how could he have failed, if he didn't advocate it.  Krishnamurti advocated the unpacking of the psyche by preconceived and inherited value systems, to stop living in the past, to self realise only by living in the now, which is ego realisation.

Anand <> wrote:
          J. Krishnamurti rejected Masters. He rejected following Masters. He
rejected existence of path of occultism. Krishnamurti told people not
to read books on spirituality and Theosophy. Krishnamurti told people
to reject all teaching given by all great teachers including Jesus.
Krishnamurti rejected idea of evolution. Krishnamurti talks of instant
self realization. But in last seventy years nobody realized self by
following his teaching. All this prove that Krishnamurti was a failure
on the path of occultism. I am thinking of writing an article on how
Krishnamurti failed on the path of occultism.
It will give nightmares to fanatic followers of Krishnamurti. After
reading my article on Krishnamurti, his followers will grind their
teeth in darkness. They will cry. But that is what they deserve. God
gives this punishment because Krishnamurti removed faith of people in
God and scriptures.
Anand Gholap


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