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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar President Election

Apr 15, 2008 09:47 PM
by Jokela Petri

We have traditional proverb which says:
stupidity tighten ups in groups.

Here is he new link. Seems that there was one dot too much in between.


Cass Silva kirjoitti:

The link didn't work Jokela, however, this 'power struggle' undermines the three principles of theosophy and says more about the 'personalities' of the candidates than they can imagine. The TS should be run by a committee, a round table, although I am starting to think that 10 theosophists in the same room would result in anarchy.


Jokela Petri < <>> wrote:
Dear fellow Theosophist,

I feel compelled to break the long standing prohibition against writing
political letters during an election. Since Radha Burnier herself has
now broken that tradition by sending out the letter given below to a
number of our ranks, I do not have any qualms in feeling justified to
respond to her blatant electioneering.

I have always held Radha in great esteem and still honor her for her
tireless and capable work for the Society. However, I have seen with my
own eyes that her marvellous abilities are compromised to such an extent
that I consider her not to be the best choice for the president and
chief administrator of our organization. Her memory and clarity are
inconsistent, sometimes right on, and sometimes far afield---as is the
case for all of us
when aging, especially by stroke, takes its toll. Because she has been
such a wonderfully iron willed woman, she now apparently is mis-
applying that iron will by trying to cling to an administrative roll
that in my opinion is no longer best for the Society or best for her.

I can see Radha maintaining a roll of leadership in the spiritual or
inner side of things as a wise counsellor, functioning well without
undue stress, but I view her continuation as the chief administrative
officer for the Theosophical Society as counter productive. We need
sharp clarity, consistency, and creative flexibility as we all work
together to keep Theosophy alive and vital in the 21st century. We need
strong leadership such as John Algeo could provide.

As to her letter below, I will let it speak for itself, but I do have to
say that I think the reference to age is ironic. Furthermore, it is
presumptuous to indicate that John does not also have the capacity to
bring in younger workers. And it is presumptuous to define his motives
or to ascribe to him the intent to diminish the importance of Adyar as
our international center, an action he has clearly stated he is against.
If elected, John may not be able to spend all his time at Adyar, but I
have experienced him as an able administrator and delegator, and feel
assured that Adyar would flourish under his leadership.

John has set up a web site <> that you might want
to see in order to help you decide for yourself.
The upcoming election of international president of the Theosophical
Society for the next 7 years is a critical one. Please consider carefully.
With sincerity and all best wishes,

Betty Bland, President
The Theosophical Society in America

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