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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar President Election

Apr 15, 2008 10:42 PM
by Cass Silva

Still can't find Rhada's letter.  Interesting that the Freemasonry badge is part of JA's site.

Jokela Petri <> wrote:
          We have traditional proverb which says:
stupidity tighten ups in groups.

Here is he new link. Seems that there was one dot too much in between.


Cass Silva kirjoitti:
> The link didn't work Jokela, however, this 'power struggle' undermines 
> the three principles of theosophy and says more about the 
> 'personalities' of the candidates than they can imagine. The TS should 
> be run by a committee, a round table, although I am starting to think 
> that 10 theosophists in the same room would result in anarchy.
> Cass
> Jokela Petri < 
> <>> wrote:
> Dear fellow Theosophist,
> I feel compelled to break the long standing prohibition against writing
> political letters during an election. Since Radha Burnier herself has
> now broken that tradition by sending out the letter given below to a
> number of our ranks, I do not have any qualms in feeling justified to
> respond to her blatant electioneering.
> I have always held Radha in great esteem and still honor her for her
> tireless and capable work for the Society. However, I have seen with my
> own eyes that her marvellous abilities are compromised to such an extent
> that I consider her not to be the best choice for the president and
> chief administrator of our organization. Her memory and clarity are
> inconsistent, sometimes right on, and sometimes far afield---as is the
> case for all of us
> when aging, especially by stroke, takes its toll. Because she has been
> such a wonderfully iron willed woman, she now apparently is mis-
> applying that iron will by trying to cling to an administrative roll
> that in my opinion is no longer best for the Society or best for her.
> I can see Radha maintaining a roll of leadership in the spiritual or
> inner side of things as a wise counsellor, functioning well without
> undue stress, but I view her continuation as the chief administrative
> officer for the Theosophical Society as counter productive. We need
> sharp clarity, consistency, and creative flexibility as we all work
> together to keep Theosophy alive and vital in the 21st century. We need
> strong leadership such as John Algeo could provide.
> As to her letter below, I will let it speak for itself, but I do have to
> say that I think the reference to age is ironic. Furthermore, it is
> presumptuous to indicate that John does not also have the capacity to
> bring in younger workers. And it is presumptuous to define his motives
> or to ascribe to him the intent to diminish the importance of Adyar as
> our international center, an action he has clearly stated he is against.
> If elected, John may not be able to spend all his time at Adyar, but I
> have experienced him as an able administrator and delegator, and feel
> assured that Adyar would flourish under his leadership.
> John has set up a web site 
> <> that you might want
> to see in order to help you decide for yourself.
> The upcoming election of international president of the Theosophical
> Society for the next 7 years is a critical one. Please consider carefully.
> With sincerity and all best wishes,
> Betty Bland, President
> The Theosophical Society in America
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