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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar President Election

Apr 15, 2008 09:09 PM
by MKR

It would be very difficult to predict how the future events develop. One
thing for sure, the organization will continue in spite of any one. However,
the question is: is there anyone on the horizon who has the charisma and
foresight to move the organization forward. If past is any indication, that
is not the case. Who knows out of the blue a white knight may show up.

Another issue that is simmering for a long time is the issue of the local
Govt wanting to take large chunks of Adyar for building  homes. Years ago,
it came up and a stop was put to it due to back channel political
connections that past leaders had at highest levels of the Govt at the
national level. On the bright side, if the govt takes over the land, the
compensation will run into quite a bit of money and it can come in handy if
the membership want to liquidate the estate and move to a Western country.


On 4/15/08, Jokela Petri <> wrote:
> But Radha had choice for the future in her message: Linda Oliveira.
> Yes, Radha may be too old
> for any round anymore and may die during it, John also may only stay one
> round or die during it.
> Who knows! Maybe Radha meant that it is not good idea to teach anyone
> for the
> work of president and therefore offered choice. Some people think she is
> trying to pick votes.
> But I was also told that Radha wanted to make John next president
> earlier, but maybe weather
> became on the way.
> At Adyar there is many of Radha´s relatives working there. But I belive
> that
> John is good hearted man and will keep things good at Adyar and does not
> want to kick anyone out
> or defend Oliveiras and so on coming up.
> PJ

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