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Re: Theos-World Re:2012 Enigma

Apr 05, 2008 00:32 AM
by Martin

Dear Brian:
 That was a good informative read :-)
Have a look here about the Germ,an developements in
the WW2:

Here you can read about people who channeled Pleiadan
technology back in the 30s of the 20th century and
based on that they developed flying saucers.
There's indeed a lot top secret (occult) going on in
Maya. On purpose keeping people from the Truth is to
me the worst karmic act, I speak from my own
experience and I am still trying to get myself out of
the mental shit(read condition)I was plunged into by
society when born. Though I know in the end all is
temporary and despite what we do to eachother, in the
end we understand it was for our own growth.

--- brian scanlon <> wrote:

> Hi Cass,
> It sounds like an interesting show. I will have to
> check it out.
> Some points you mentioned are collaborated or
> explained, in various national/ontological versions
> of
> the secret doctrine including: 
> The Turanian Ancestral Taoist system -(a version of
> the pre-Aryan/Atlantian system (Which the Aryan
> system
> is the "Pre-Vedic system")developed and evolved by
> the
> Turanians, teachs that the "Chakras" are actualy
> united into one large Chakra, when one opens the
> "Microcosmic orbit" (which is connecting the two
> most
> important of the "8 Mysterious Vessels/Channels" and
> increasing the flow of "Chi' within it) -
> The Microcosmic orbit is a core component of
> Turanian
> Alchemy, and a very very important aspect of the
> Esoteric System, which is missing from many of the
> surviving national branchs, and/or it was
> re-imported
> into modern systems, during the 1600-1800's. It is
> essentialy a path bisecting the body in half, along
> the center line of the body.It starts on the front
> of
> the body within the tongue,  than travels down the
> chest to the groin, back to the tail bone, up the
> spine, to the top of the head, ending in the roof of
> the mouth, which when the tongue is placed there,
> completes the "Circuit" for the Etheric/Pranic
> energy
> to flow freely. It is Ovoid Shape, and is a
> microcosmic version of the Macroscosmic "Cosmic
> Egg".
> The most interesting point, is that when the
> Microcosmic path is opened fully, the chakras unite
> into one strong Chakra field. At this time true
> spiritual resurection can be practised and the Male
> and Female energies of the Body can be united. At
> this
> point, the body becomes a Neutral pole, or a Laya
> Center as we say in Theosophy, or Zero point.
> Connections between far ranging cultures, is
> something
> HPB proved back in the 1800's and explains in
> detail,
> where all cultures came from and why/how they are
> connected, as well as why we have so few records
> left.
> Like usual she was called a quack by the "Greatest"
> thinkers of her day, yet, most of the ideas from the
> "Greatest" thinkers are now proved false and have
> been
> thrown out in the trash, while HPBs/Mahatmas Ideas
> are
> continualy validated. There are many Symbols found,
> in
> as extreme far range of cultures as you can get,
> proving that in fact there was a time of BEFORE the
> period of "One Lip", where everyone, was of "One
> Symbol" (time of the 3rd Root Race) and that Land
> masses were differant, and have changed multiple
> times.
> My perception of the US is that, it is the "house of
> christianity", not the house of Illuminati, who were
> simply a group preserving the Esoteric Doctrine in
> Older times.  While I dont believe in the
> Illuminati,
> in terms of modern use and with the fabulous modern
> stories, I do percieve that "nothing is what it
> seems"
> in the tricky world of Maya, and I Dont believe
> anything the media paints as truth. I do believe
> that
> wars are purposfuly man made and there are "people
> behind the scenes", but many take this kind of idea
> way way to far.
> 2012 - Im interested and entertained by all the odd
> ball ideas people come up with on what is going to
> happen 2012. People dont learn from their mistakes.
> Have we forgoten Y2K all ready? Like usual Theosophy
> has the explanation, IF we have the "ears to hear".
> First we know that the Kali Yuga, DOESNT end in
> 2012,
> SO, no rest for the wicked. Second, we know in 1875
> a
> new Cycle in the Preccesional cycle began. We are
> now
> celestialy positioned to become influenced by the
> Aquarius Star cluster. This means a complete change
> in
> social and spiritual outlook, and in fact, along
> with
> the Kali Yuga, changes the kind of "Spiritual
> Technology" will be best, for Chelas and Adepts to
> fruther along the path. And whats so very unique
> about
> this Precessional cycle is that the position of our
> equitorial plane, is aligned with that of the
> ecliptic
> plane and the galactic plane forms a "Celestial
> Cross
> Pattern,which only occures ruffly every 12,000
> Years. 
> This is of utmost importance for one reason. A
> change
> will occur in the 5th Sub Group of the 5th Root
> Race,
> which will take us out of the point of "The most
> material", and we will officialy begin the ascending
> arc, preparing for the 6th Sub Race. THis means, we
> will become more spiritualy inclined, while those
> unwilling to change, will be simply thrown to the
> wayside, as evolutionary dead ends. Those that
> evolve
> will be the stock base for the 6th sub racers.
> We know this is an aspect of study in Esoteric
> Astrology/Astronomy. As we know the astrological
> Symbol for the Earth, is a mulitiple layered symbol,
> which among many other meanings, represents certain
> astrological Alighments. And represents this Cosmic
> alighment we are approaching.
> Additionaly our Solar System, is the  closest, it
> has
> been to the galatic center, in an extremly long
> period
> of time. SO, we are getting bathed in many differant
> forms, of evolutionary force, that will be the
> catalyst for change in the Aryan root race NOT
> destruction or Armagedon.
> As to aliens, I dont believe in SciFi stuff, though
> believe that many UFOs are simply top secret US
> vehicles (I say this based on real time experiance
> with one, extremly close to me, and it didnt look
> like
> it was from outer space!) and that many "sightings"
> are actualy experiances with "Beings" and Forces,
> from
> other planes. 
> BUT I do believe in the fact that since 1875, when
> the
> new Aquarian precessional cycle began,
> Coincidentaly?!?!?! when HPB founded the TS, a very
> unique thing started to occur, which has never
> before
> happened. The Physical plane and the Astral plane,
> have become the "Closest" that they have ever been.
> As
> in the Barrier has begun to break down. Originaly
> this
> was the part of the divine plane, in having these 2
> lower planes/bodies/aspects combine. But since the
> Atlantians corrupted and "soiled" the Astral plane,
> which weve kept the ball rolling on, this posses new
> dangers. A physical manefestation of this, can be
> seen
> in 2 things. 
> First the increase of Paranormal
> activity/channeling/mediums, ect. None of which have
> ever channeled anything other than a lower astral
> being or elemental. All phenomena is either a result
> of astral forces, or caused by individuals who are
> developed in their Psychic/astral gifts.
> And two, visitation by differant forces/beings/life
> forms,Visibly, instead of simply Phenomena that many
> call "UFOS", and mistake for something from Outer
> space, increased after 1875, to the largest most
> wide
> spread numbers ever.
> And finaly, Population control. While I dont believe
> in the Modern Illuminati, I fully percieve that we
> are
> purposfully given chemicals that will give us things
> like cancer and shorten our lives. "Side effects'
> are
> pursposfully built into synthetic pharmaceuticals.
> They purposfully hold back Cures, to keep stringing
> people along. They do create sickness. They do
> "Fleace" us of everything they possibly can. They
> pump
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